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Organic Social Media

This is the FREE content that you are sharing on your social media platforms! If you haven't started social media yet, then you are late to the party and you need to catch up ASAP! Organic Social Media helps you establish your voice and brand within your community/ niche, build relationships by sharing content and gaining engagement and followers, you are allowed to engage with customers/ patients at any level of their "becoming a patient" journey. So you could possibly be talking to someone who JUST noticed you and has a toothache and wants to know if you are open tomorrow morning, or you could be talking to an existing patient who LOVES you and wants to share one of your post to THEIR followers! Finally, Organic Social Media allows you to add an extra level of customer service to your business that the community will see and appreciate (you will appreciate this too)!

Paid Social Media

Here is where you are being more precise with your Social Media! Now you are being more specific and you are paying the social media platforms to be put in front of specific new audiences who are likely to be interested, either through “boosting” your organic content, or designing a whole new unique ad/ post/ campaign. Think of this type of marketing as more immediate, you are pushing to get results, which you will when done right. Paid Social Media raises brand awareness and gains new followers, helps you promote your latest post/ deal/ event/ whatever you got going on, attracts news leads/ patients, and pushes conversions.

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