MMM [Social Media] Are You Posting on Too Many Platforms? Hone in on the Ones That Matter!

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In this episode, Xana dives into social media demographics, ads, and building a plan around your campaigns. It is important to remember that demographics change by platform, so choosing the right one for your ad campaign can make all the difference! For instance, YouTube boasts above 90% of individuals ages 30 to 49 as users on their platform. TikTok and Instagram on the other hand, have a younger user population. Figuring out what you would like to offer, and then making a plan for the platform your ideal customer is on is one of Xana's key points. She recommends going all in on one strategy or platform rather that spreading thin across all of them. She also gets into stats on different platforms, such as average watch time, that can help you formulate an effective ad.

To pick up these social media strategies and fine tune your campaigns, give this episode with Xana Winans a listen!

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