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The Pediatric Dental Marketing Course

Facing an uphill battle in attracting young patients and families to your pediatric dental practice? The problem lies in outdated marketing tactics that fail to capture the hearts and minds of today's discerning parents and their tech-savvy kids.

Your worry intensifies as you watch competitors flourish, leaving you scrambling to find an effective strategy that resonates with your target audience and showcases your practice's unique value.

Here's the solution! The Pediatric Dental Marketing course is specifically designed to help pediatric dentists and practice owners like you create attract new patients immediately, captivate families, and drive practice growth!

By enrolling in our course, you'll master:

  1. Engaging Brand Identity: Learn how to craft a fun, comforting brand that sets you apart from competitors and resonates with parents and kids alike.
  2. Compelling Social Media Presence: Create an irresistible social media strategy that consistently attracts and engages your target audience.
  3. Effective Community Outreach: Become a beloved community figure by participating in events, collaborating with schools, and offering educational workshops.
  4. Patient-Centric Focus: Discover tips for creating a welcoming environment and exceptional patient care that generates glowing reviews and referrals.
  5. Mastermind: Be surrounded by thriving and incredible pediatric practice owners in our monthly LIVE mastermind sessions. Here is where you will be able to share, ask any questions, receive support, and more!

Transform your pediatric dental practice by enrolling in The Pediatric Dental Marketing course today! Click here to take the first step towards a thriving, patient-centric practice that brings healthy, happy smiles to children and their families for years to come!

Oryx | The Revolutionary All-In-One Cloud Practice Management Software


If you are a start-up and decide to sign up with Oryx, they will NOT charge you a single dime, until you reached 200 active patients!⁠

They are partnering up with all startup practice owners and making sure you succeed, fast!⁠

Click this link to schedule a FREE personalized demo and to see more on their exclusive deal!

Olsen | Welcome to the New Era of Dental Units

Olsen | Dental Chairs & Units

When it comes to running a successful dental practice, one of the key elements you need to consider is your dental chair. It's not just a seat, it's the hub of your dental operations, and a crucial part of patient experience.

So, how you can choose an affordable dental chair without compromising on quality or comfort.

Firstly, consider what's important for your practice. Look at ergonomics, patient comfort, and easy maintenance. Then, think about customization. You want a chair that can adapt to your needs, whether it's for general dentistry, orthodontics, or any specialty.

Now, I can hear you saying, 'That sounds expensive.' Not necessarily. Let's take a look at Olsen Dental Chairs as a prime example.

Olsen offers a range of dental chairs that are both affordable and packed with features. They blend modern technology, ergonomic design, and biosafety, all aimed at delivering the utmost comfort and well-being to both the dentist and the patient.

Olsen's dental chairs also offer flexibility. They're custom-made, allowing you to choose what suits your practice the best - whether it's leather or PVC, a traditional or continental delivery system.

But affordability doesn't mean cutting corners. Olsen uses top-of-the-line raw materials, designed for intensive day-to-day use. And here's the clincher - Olsen's dental chairs can save up to 75% of energy consumption compared to hydraulic systems. So not only are you saving upfront, but you're also cutting costs in the long run.

Their chairs range from around $4,500 to $14,500 depending on the model, which is a steal when you consider the quality, features, and design you're getting. Compare this to other brands, and you'll see that Olsen delivers real value for money.

Choosing a dental chair is a significant decision. But with companies like Olsen, you can make a cost-effective choice that doesn't compromise on quality, comfort, or style.

And for a limited time… Olsen is giving you... FREE INSTALLATION with any purchase! Go check them out! So, if you're in the market for an affordable, high-quality dental chair, check out Olsen Dental Chairs. Visit to explore their range and make an informed decision for your practice.

The Ground Marketing Course

The Dental Marketer

Are you a dentist or practice owner struggling to attract new patients, increase revenue, and stand out in the increasingly competitive dental market? You're not alone. The Problem many dental practices face today is that they often rely on outdated marketing strategies that fail to resonate with modern patients. This leads to stagnant growth, low patient retention, and frustrated practice owners.

The agitation escalates when you realize that, despite your best efforts, your practice's growth remains stifled. You've tried traditional marketing methods like print ads, radio spots, and even online marketing, but the results are underwhelming. The competition is fierce, and you can't help but feel overwhelmed, wondering what you can do to turn things around.

The Solution is here! Introducing the Ground Marketing course, specifically designed for dentists and practice owners seeking to revolutionize their approach to marketing and unlock the full potential of their practice. By leveraging the power of community engagement and fostering genuine connections, this course will help you build a thriving, patient-centric practice that leaves the competition in the dust.

So, why is Ground Marketing the ultimate game-changer for your dental practice? Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Unparalleled Patient Attraction: Ground Marketing focuses on building genuine relationships within your local community. By attending events, partnering with local businesses, and providing valuable, dental-focused content, you'll establish your practice as the go-to dental expert in your area. This will result in a steady stream of new patients eager to experience the quality of care you provide.
  2. Boosted Patient Retention: The emotional connections formed through Ground Marketing create a sense of trust and loyalty among your patients. They'll feel valued and cared for, leading to increased patient retention, more referrals, and ultimately, a more robust bottom line.
  3. Enhanced Reputation: By becoming an active participant in your community, you'll quickly earn a reputation for being a trusted and caring dental professional. This positive image will spread through word of mouth, solidifying your practice's standing as a community staple.
  4. Cost-effective Marketing: Ground Marketing strategies are often more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods. By utilizing community resources and partnerships, you'll achieve better results with a smaller investment.
  5. A Fun and Engaging Approach: Ground Marketing is not only effective, but it's also fun! You'll enjoy the process of connecting with your community, meeting new people, and sharing your passion for dental care with others.

Now is the time to take action and transform your dental practice with the Ground Marketing course. Our comprehensive curriculum will guide you step-by-step through the process of implementing effective Ground Marketing strategies, including actionable advice, best practices, and real-life case studies. Plus, you'll have access to our supportive community of dental professionals who have experienced success with Ground Marketing and are eager to share their insights and experiences.

Don't let another day pass you by without taking the first step towards achieving the thriving, patient-focused practice you've always dreamed of. Click here to enroll in the Ground Marketing course for dentists and practice owners today, and unlock the full potential of your practice for a brighter, more successful future!

Dental Websites & Branding

Studio 8E8

The problem with many dental practices is that their online presence fails to make a lasting impression. Outdated websites, inconsistent branding, and lackluster design leave patients feeling uninspired, often resulting in missed opportunities for new patients and growth.

You know your dental practice offers exceptional care, but your online presence isn't reflecting that, and you're losing out to the competition (whose sleek, modern website and strong branding capture the attention of potential patients that could be going to you).

You need Studio8e8, a specialized marketing agency for dentists and practice owners, is dedicated to crafting compelling brands and state-of-the-art websites that captivate potential patients and drive practice growth.

By partnering with Studio8e8, you'll enjoy:

  1. A memorable brand: Our team of experts will create a unique, powerful brand identity that sets your practice apart and resonates with your target audience.
  2. A stunning website: Studio8e8 will design and develop a modern, user-friendly website that showcases your practice's expertise and commitment to patient care.
  3. Increased patient trust: With a cohesive brand and captivating website, patients will perceive your practice as professional, trustworthy, and the ideal choice for their dental needs.

Don't let your practice's potential slip away due to a weak online presence. Trust Studio8e8 to create the memorable brand and modern website your practice deserves. Contact Studio8e8 today and take the first step towards a brighter, more successful future for your dental practice.

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Contact us today to start crushing it with ground marketing.