MMM [Social Media] How to Convert Paid vs Organic Leads from Social Media Fast!

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In this episode, Alison Micheletti from Golden Proportions Marketing gives us some valuable insight on social media marketing and the differences between organic and paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram! There are many ways to market your practice, and social media is a huge component of a well-rounded advertising campaign. But how do I know when to boost posts, run ads, or simply post organically? Alison answers these questions in the episode, breaking down best practices for organic and paid advertising on social media. Alison also gets into some important tips on phone skills and having a sales mindset. Once you have your leads from social media, the person answering the phone calls and messages will be imperative to the campaign's success! The whole office needs to see phone calls as new opportunities rather than interruptions to the day.

Listen in to this episode with Alison to get more in depth on paid and organic social media outreach, and exactly what to do next!

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