MMM [Social Media] The Key to Social Media Giveaways That Boosts Your ROI

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In this episode, Dr. Tyler Brady from Haven Dental, shows us what has been helping him the most when growing his following on social media! He states the importance of consistency and authenticity when posting on social media organically. When posting organically, you are playing the long game and it can take months to see returns rather than weeks. He emphasizes that you do not have to be bubbly or outgoing to connect with followers on social media! Being yourself and posting regularly is the key to this. Dr. Brady dives into one of his favorite strategies where he finds local highly engaging accounts on Instagram and offers them free whitening at his office. Even though this is a free giveaway, the recipients will return the favor by posting on social media more often than not, resulting in more patients in the long run!

Listen in on Tyler and Michael's chat here to hear about this strategy and more!

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