MMM [Social Media] Discover Your Best Social Media Strategy Even After a Hiatus

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In this episode, professional copywriter Clare Yeo, teaches us some of her key takeaways from paid social media! Clare notes that while boosting and ads are both paid features on Instagram and Facebook, they have different purposes and produce different results. She emphasizes that boosting your post is less targeted, and shows your post to mainly people who already follow you. Creating an ad however, allows you to hone in on your target audience and show your post to just them! Clare's strategy involves getting consistent on organic social media for at least one month and using the data you gather from this to inform your ad plan. Content that is already performing well organically is a great place to start for forming ads. She also mentions Instagram stories and how this is an effective tool for showing behind the scenes.

Listen in on the latest episode with Clare Yeo to hear more about her strategies on social media and paid advertising!

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