Marketing for Startups

Imagine this scenario:

You spend over a quarter million to build your dream practice... bring to life your design and brand... push through construction delays... hire the dream team... get the latest technology for your patients... and then on opening day... CRICKETS. Not one single new patient comes through your door!

Don't make the mistake in delaying your marketing! Branding and figuring out your story/ mission statement is crucial.... but now you need to get butts in chairs (or cheeks in seats)! You need to make sure that on DAY ONE... when you look at the schedule... you have new patients coming in!

Then once you have new patients coming in, learn how to gain traction and get more referrals, more 5 star reviews, more new patients consistently coming to your practice!

Thats what you will learn here!

How to effectively market your startup so that on opening day you have a full schedule! And you'll learn how to consistently keep that schedule full with new patients and learn how to retain existing patients with your brand and reputation.

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