How To Attract New Dental Implant Patients Immediately!

How To Attract New Dental Implant Patients Immediately!

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It goes without saying that a dental office will benefit more from getting implant cases. The production and collection will rise and who doesn’t want that?
However, you may be thinking “I already know that, but HOW do I get implant patients?” it may surprise you that it’s actually easier than you thought.
Let’s talk about 3 ways that you can attract more implant patients.



Many of you have become familiar with listening from the podcast exactly what ground marketing is…. if your not, click here to become more familiar with it. \Let’s go in further on how you can attract implant patients with ground marketing.

First of all, it is worth considering that you can get new implant patients ANYWHERE with Ground Marketing!

From gyms to big corporations, or even coffee shops! When it comes to ground marketing it is important to think about the LOCATION and WHO may need implants.

There are 2 places that dental implants are talked about A LOT….and they’re in your community!

The first place would be: Cosmetic Medical Locations. The cosmetic field attracts profitable patients that are in a vulnerable state and are more willing to accept and fix the core issue of their facial and bone features. On top of that, the cosmetic surgeon can refer you the patient and they are ready for treatment!

The second place would be: Independent Living Facilities for Seniors. Their health and comfort is top priority. They are not familiar with the newest dental technology, payment options, or even the comfort of dental implants! But you are! Let me show you how easy it is to attract seniors to your practice through Ground Marketing.

Here’s how you can do it!

1. Call your local Independent Living Facility (Senior Citizen Homes, 55+ Communities, etc.).
2. Ask to speak to the Activities Coordinator
3. Here’s what you say:

You: “Hello I was wondering if i can speak to the Activities Coordinator?”
Phone: yes.
Phone. (Activitie Coordinator comes on) Hello?
You: Hello, my name is (your name) I’m calling from (your practice) right downtown the street from you guys. I was wondering if I could ever go in and give your residents some freebies like free toothbrushes, paste, floss and extremely important information about their oral health as well?
Phone: Yes!
You: Wonderful! Do you think we could do a presentation or small class, or what did you have in mind for us”?

Then just continue the conversation and respond accordingly.

If your curious to know more about this senior citizen strategy, I also go further into this subject on one of my podcast episode.



According to experts, it was found that 1.47 billion people are actively using Facebook daily.
Your future patients are on social media more now than ever! It’s just the days we live in now. So, why wouldn’t you try and attract more dental implant patients through Facebook?! It’s where everyone is at online! However, there is a strategy to Facebook Marketing! Here are some key pointers you need to keep in mind and some things you can do TODAY to market on Facebook:

1. Organic post
You need to be active on your Facebook. Provide engaging content for your viewers. Don’t just show teeth or your latest “difficult case”. Show us how your practice looks like, show the community the experience they will receive when they go inside and meet your team, show us when you are out and about ground marketing and at community events. Put personal post on there too!

2. Boosting your organic post
You can choose to boost a post by the click of a button, easy right?
This will get the attention of more people, target to other people you need, and you will be able to get a summary of the amount of clicks, comments, and shares.

3. Facebook Ads
It is a great tool to use for your business page because it specifically targets the exact people you want and need!

Have you ever wondered when you click on an ad that caught your interest and now it follows you everywhere? You looked it up on your laptop, now its on another page, then you get on your phone check Instagram… scroll down… and the ad or another ad for that prduct/ service in on your Instagram feed!?

Facebook ads (and Facebook in general) can be tricky but IT”S SO WORTH IT! You can definitely target dental implant patients! You can even get as specific as targeting people in your community who are ready and can afford implants NOW or people who are confused and need more information!

What I recommend is getting one of your staff members trained in Facebook Marketing.

Here’s an awesome link on a bootcamp that trains you step by step and coaches you throughout the whole Facebook Marketing process! It’s a REMARKABLE bootcamp that has made many practices profitable off of Facebook Marketing alone!



The majority of us use the term “Let me google it” when you want to search for something. This tool WILL increase the awareness of your practice. It will target the demographics of the users and be able to reach your future patient at the right time. So when they type in specific key words you will be certain that your ad will appear on the top of the search list.

However, doing Google AdWords can be very complex and can consume a lot of your time. So this is something I definitely recommend outsourcing it if possible.

Now I know that your wondering how to do it and I got you. There’s this remarkable company that many have found success with and it helps dentist!

If you are interested to know a personal experience. I interviewed Dr. Paola Bukovcan and she talks about how many new dental implant patients her new practice is receiving monthly from using Driven Dental Implant Marketing services, she even let’s us know how much production and collections she is retrieving from these new dental implant patients!

Listen to Dr. Paola Bukovcan talk about Driven Dental Implant Marketing here:

The Making of SLEEK | 13

The Making of SLEEK | 12

As a reminder, many of you that accept insurances, know that now is a great time to get your patients to accept dental implant treatment, to get that pre authorization accepted, start treatment, bill and collect.

We are getting close to the end of the year and you want to end it on a high production and collection, especially now with more implant cases.

Taking everything into consideration, I hope you apply these steps in this article today.

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