M.M.M. – EIGHT- Senior Citizen Homes/ Retirement Living

August 22, 2017 MMM No comments exist


They Dental Marketer Tribe! We are on episode 8 of the Monday Morning Marketing Series. I really hope you are doing at least one of these tactics, I know some of you guys started off strong but then became “too busy”… well this type of marketing (Ground Marketing) requires consistency. Actually every single marketing tactic, whether it is Ground, Digital, Paper, Radio, whatever, requires consistency. So I know you guys can do it and be consistent! For those of you who are being consistent.. keep up the great work! You are getting amazing results (I know you are because you are sending me the results! )


In this episode we talk about how you can get inside the senior citizen homes and set up a seminar/ lunch & learn/ booth and talk to the residents about your dental practice and dental health concerns that the residents have! Trust me each resident has a concern! This tactic is so simple and yet extremely effective, I have never received a rejection or a “no” using this tactic. And if that weren’t enough I have a video on exactly how I do this tactic in the show notes below!



Video of Senior Citizen Homes/ Ground Marketing Tactic 





INSTAGRAM (you can talk to me more 1 on 1 here)

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