MMM [Ground Marketing] How to Get New Patients from Your Local Restaurants

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This is such an effective strategy that many of us never even utilize. How many restaurants do you have in just a one mile radius from your practice? You should be Ground Marketing to them and the employees need to not only know about you, but also become familiar with your practice. In this episode I show you just exactly how to do that! I also show you the scripts on how you can get the employees to sign up to become a new patient!

Also, once upon a time, a loooong time ago, I did an episode on Ground Marketing to Sushi Bars! It was like episode 6 of the Monday Morning Marketing series, so go listen to that if you want here:

Ground Marketing to Sushi Bars episode

Here is the Unit on "Restaurants" in The Ground Marketing Course that I have unlocked for you to see (this is how it should look):

Click here to to go check it out now: " Unit NINE - Restaurants "

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