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In this session of Monday Morning Marketing we talk about how we can attract new patients from restaurants, specifically, Sushi Bars. Think about it, if you like Sushi, then you know how much you spend on one night of ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi! So you know many of these waiters and cooks are paid fairly well. However, I targeted more waiter in this case study.

So we went to a Sushi Bar near us and decided to drop off goodies and attract the new patients from this sushi bar. Listen to see how it went (spoiler alert) it went great! Now I am continuing to do this because remember, building pipelines and a continuous flow of new patients is most important! The workers in sushi bars are tipped fairly well, so consider them cash patients, I have yet to find a sushi bar that offer their employees benefits, so assume everyone is a cash patient and go in with an enticing offer. I explain a lot more in the episode so take a listen and enjoy!

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