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My Services

A little of what my coaching services includes:

Employee Auditing

Honestly, if the employee isn't right then this will b a LONG process. Not every single employee is going to have the personality and motviation to be a ground marketer and thats ok! But someone in your team has it in them; we just have to find them.

Local Market Research

Don't go in blind. Worst thing you can do is throw a bunch of darts at a dart board and hope one will stick to the red dot in the middle. I'll teach you how to do market research so you know exactly when to strike, who to target and how to do it!

Community Research

Sometimes we try to attract patients and we know the exact market and avatar of our target patient yet, you or your marketing is being geared towards the wrong community or population. This happens way too often! Therefore I teach and figure out where your new patients are and find, build, and create these communities.

Create/ Find Opportunity

Opportunities are everywhere. If not, then we create them. We do a lot of creating as ground marketers. This process involves a lot of coaching because we have to train your ground marketer to see what most do NOT see and attack once the opportunity presents itself. Which, by the way, the opportunity ALWAYS presents itself.

Event Coaching

Setting up opportunites is not enough. Being at an event is not enough. If you're sign up sheet isn't full with leads and new potential patients then you have done nothing. I teach your ground marketer exactly what to say, what to do in every scenario, and how to build upon every lead and situation.

Build Pipelines

Pipelines are the arteries of your new patient flow. You want constant new patients right? No one wants a fluke, a month where they recieved 100 new patients and the next month only 12. I teach your ground marketer how to, not only build this continuos flow of new patients with pipelines, but also how to continue to add to it. This way the momentum lost in the new patient flow is minimal.

Follow-Up Leads

What's the point of having pages full of names, numbers, and new patient leads if you can't seem to get them to come to your practice? or even answer the phone! I teach your ground marketer what to say, how to interact with the leads, and most importantly how to get as many leads as possible to become your new patients!

Onsite Seminars

Sometimes building up one employee to become a ground marketer isn't enough. Most times, the marketing strategy involves the whole team. These seminars educate the team & teaches the them their part of the marketing strategy that is being applied.





Your ground marketer is not under supervision a lot of the time. So freedom plays a big role. However, some type of accountability has to be set and eyes have to be on them. That's where I come in. I hold your ground marketer accountable! Weekly reports, daily check-ins, forms signed by event managers, etc.

Just because I'm not there in person doesn't mean I can't be reached! Don't worry I got you! My service comes with phone support (meaning I personally will be on the other line).You and your ground marketer will have unlimited text and calls to pick my brain and of course for support. I will give you my personal number so I am never too far away!

Communities, trends, marketing, and population are forever changing. i am constantly learning and so will your ground marketer! More systems, easier tactics and more will be constantly implemented!

Motivation is key. Your ground marketer will deal with rejection ALOT. They will be out at events & booths constantly. They need to stay motivated. Once they reach the new patient goals they need to be motivated to create a higher goal. I provide the motivation your team and ground marketer needs. (highly requested service)

What Clients Say 

They aren't really clients, they're more family now (: I consider my clients family!

"Michael really made us all see the bigger picture. Marketing is so complex and difficult. He took care of it all and created simple strategies for my team to follow. The main thing I realized was that there are people out there, thousands, looking for a great dentist... We just have to be seen and available. We are now!"

-Norma Acosta, Office Manager 

"We have a legit ground marketer! It's amazing what The Dental Marketer did! He was able to train and teach my front office assistant to be a new patient magnet!"

-Dr. Ken Chou Lee DDS

"He's young, innovative, intellegent, extremely outgoing, effective, and an extremely happy guy. I especially recommend hiring him to speak to your team so that they can be updated, revived, and get their creative marketing juice flowing."

-Sung Choi, Dental Consultant

"He isn't a consultant. He is family. I'm never letting Michael go! Although his work is complete and he has trained multiple of my employees to become successful ground marketers ( I have multiple practices); he still teaches the ground marketers more and more new and innovative techniques that produce effective results, Michael continues to learn and grow which means our practices do too."

-Dr. Dalir Yekta DDS

The Dental Marketer

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