Getting New Patients from City Hall

Getting New Patients from City Hall

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What do I mean when I say "federal locations"?

I'm talking about:

- Firefighter/ Fire Stations
- City Hall Employees
- Police Stations

I remember the practice I use to work for was right across the street from CityHall and a Police Station... I remember the doctor always saying under her breath "if only we could get those employees and officers to come here we would be booming"...

So... I made it my mission to get into City Hall and bring employees back to the practice!

...and that's what I did!

... and that's what I will show you this month!

Some of what we will discuss in this article is covered in our signature course with an insane amount of detail, more scripts, video trainings... and don't forget... everyone who is enrolled in our course get's 24 HOUR support from my team and I!  

But lets jump into it!

This strategy is not only an absolutely amazing way to get out and network in your local community but it is a proven successful strategy that has been used countless times!

I also have a video of me doing this exact strategy, in real time, which is available in our signature course. So if you are enrolled into our course then you can find it in the latest unit!




In case you missed any of the FB LIVES in our Ground Marketing Facebook Group we discussed ground marketing to FederalLocations- and in particular how City Halls are a great location and have great authority and influence when it comes to bringing more patients/ referrals.They are also very well versed in the community. But overall, they are and have great patients who have great insurance. 




Ok, let's dive into the community research and how to go about it.


You can either call the location or drive/walk there.


First, you would start by going onto your local search engine (probably Google) and type in one of the following terms below based on wherever you prefer to start:

  • “City Hall Near Me”
  • “(zip code) City Hall”
  • “(City Name) City Hall”


Then click on Google Maps. Google Maps will show you all of the relevant locations.


There are a few factors to take into consideration when traveling to these locations. 

  • Is your practice in a rural area? 
  • Or in a busier city? 
  • Is there usually a lot of traffic when traveling that particular route?

Remember, you want to do a radius check and measure the distance, if City Hall looks like it's an hour away WITHOUT traffic then you may want to rethink this strategy. However if it is close or near by... OR... if you live in a rural area where an hour away is normal for a patient to travel to see you then continue on!


Take all of these factors into consideration before finalizing your destination. 





Now let's start preparing to get out there! I'm going to go over a few steps that you NEED to implement. First, you'd ---

✔️Put together a few“goodie bags” or “hygiene kits” to bring with you. As well as flyers and business cards.


✔️Create a sign-up sheet.If you don’t know what that is, no worries, I have created one for you titled “SIGN-UP SHEET”. Just send me an email to requesting it & I’ll send it right your way!


✔️Create an incentive to give to the employees from the federal location of your choice (OPTIONAL). This could be FREE TEETH WHITENING, 50% OFF a specific procedure (like teeth whitening), FREE SECOND OPINIONS FOR YOU AND THE FAMILY, you can put whatever incentive you want, just make sure it is something YOU would want as well (this means if you just put “10% OFF Consultations”.... Would you hurry to sign-up?! ).

...and that's it for now!

Now it's time to call City Hall and get in!


When you call you will notice a automated machine will more than likely answer. It will say something like "press 1 to speak with this department, press 2 to speak with this other department, etc." I recommend you press "0" or wait on the line to speak with the operator/ receptionist. They will ALWAYS transfer you to the right department!

So.... call, like a regular person with NOTHING in hand (leave everything in your car). Visit the admin/customer service desk, spark up a conversation with an employee and ask them if they would NOT mind you giving the employees some “FREE STUFF”. Mention that you are from a dental practice down the street and how you would love to give them some free stuff as a “thank you” to our [i.e. City Hall, PoliceStation, Fire Station or Chamber Of Commerce Employees]. They will say “YES”.

Once you have the receptionist/ operator on the phone simply say this:

"Hi, there! My name is [NAME] and in the past a couple of your employees have come to our practice, we’re the dental office right down the street from you. This month we wanted to show appreciation to our [INSERT NAME OF FEDERAL LOCATION YOU’RE CALLING] employees in the community who work there. We’d love to stop by and give everyone there some freebies- maybe like hygiene kits, FREE whitening, a few extra benefits. How would I go about doing this?"

Then the receptionist will transfer you to the correct department. Once you are on the phone with the correct department that can help you out... simply say the exact same thing!

Then they will give you options and work with you on how you can come in and possibly do a presentation for the employees or maybe just drop off freebies and your information to all the employees.

If you are going to drop off freebies to the employees, like hygiene kits and flyers, then I highly recommend you leave a sign-up sheet with an incentive as well.




196: Getting New Patients from City Hall

[If you want to listen to a recap of this strategy with more commentary and more of my thoughts]


I want to know who is committed! I want you to execute this strategy so you can see the the amazing results it will bring you!

In this article, we only touched the tip of the iceberg... in our signature course I have an insane amount of detail on this specific strategy, with more scripts such as "how to leave a voicemail at City Hall", "what to do if you get a 'no' at City Hall", we have more LIVE video trainings... and don't forget... everyone who is enrolled in our course get's 24 HOUR support from my team and I! 

Let me know how this strategy goes by emailing me at We both know this strategy will only open amazing opportunities and help you get you foot in the door to many other federal locations in your community!

...and if you are interested in enrolling into The Ground Marketing Course (our signature course) feel free to enroll here, my team and I can’t wait to see you inside and help you get the new patients you want and need… immediately and consistently!


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