196: Getting New Patients from City Hall

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It's just me talking to you in this episode!

These strategies I share in this episode have provided our students/ dentists with some of the most lucrative and amazing results! Literally some practices have brought in new patients within 2 weeks from this one strategy alone!

Federal Locations are a prime and hot business that you need to be building authority around and brand awareness... and this is the best way to do it so you can be seen as the "GO-TO" dentist in your community!

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I am SO excited to share with you strategies and tactics on how to get into your local businesses, restaurants, schools, senior homes, corporations, medical facilities, gyms, coffee shops and more!

And not just get in these locations, but also ATTRACT new patients immediately from these locations!

In less than 60 days you WILL see new patients coming in immediately and consistently!

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