Focus like Dr. Avi Patel to Get More Done & Secure Groundbreaking Partnerships with Trader Joe's & Hair Salons

Focus like Dr. Avi Patel to Get More Done & Secure Groundbreaking Partnerships with Trader Joe's & Hair Salons

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In the middle of the city, there was this little café run by a guy named Marco. He had great coffee, but not enough people were stopping by to notice.

Then one day, while watching the constant stream of folks heading into the nearby Grocery store, he had a lightbulb moment.

"What if I could bring my coffee into the mix over there?" he thought.

Taking a deep breath, Marco pitched the idea to the Grocery store: a cozy coffee corner right inside the store. It wasn't easy. Matching his chill café vibe with the Grocery store's busy atmosphere took some doing. But Marco was all in, ready to ride the ups and downs.

And guess what?

It worked.

Marco's little coffee setup turned into the go-to spot for shoppers looking for a caffeine kick amidst their grocery runs.

This adventure taught Marco a big lesson in a pretty chill way: sometimes, you've gotta team up to stand out, mixing a bit of your cool with someone else's to make something awesome.

More on this later...

Right now, check out these episodes from The Dental Marketer podcast !

Monday Morning Episode

avi patel

Singular Focus | The Secret to Enhanced Fulfillment and Checking Off Your To-Do List | Dr. Avi Patel

Join me as I dive deep with Dr. Avi Patel into the a thought-provoking world of singular focus, where every choice is a crossroad between contentment and ambition. Uncover how Avi's relentless pursuit of focused simplicity transformed not just his personal life but reshaped his professional landscape, challenging the very boundaries of traditional success.


Marketing Strategy

The Perfect Pitch | How to Land a Partnership with Trader Joe's

Dive into the uncharted waters of securing a groundbreaking partnership with Trader Joe's, a move that could revolutionize patient inflow to your dental practice. Discover the art of weaving your dental services into the fabric of Trader Joe's community-centric ethos, mastering pitches that resonate with their staff, and navigating the challenging terrain of objections with finesse. This isn't just about conversation tactics; it's a strategic alignment of your entire team towards a venture that promises not just growth for your practice but enriches the community it serves.



Ground Marketing to Trader Joes

How To Do This Strategy

Don't just skim through the episode above (The Perfect Pitch | How to Land a Partnership with Trader Joe's), really watch it and execute this strategy and you WILL see results.

This is a strategy I have created and shared with my members in the Ground Marketing Course. It came about because we had multiple members ask about this! Therefore, I decided to create the strategy and test it and refine it.

It works.

It works really good!

Just watch the video above to check it out.

Also, I provide "Real Life Examples" in my course for our members because I want them to see me execute the strategy, the mistakes I make, how to overcome them, and what to expect.

Ground Marketing to trader Joes

In, February 2024, we will be learning:

Ground Marketing to Salons

The Ground Marketing course members will get an in-person script, phone script, how to handle objections, and exclusive (need to know) details on how to create an effective partnership and get your foot in the door with Salons, Hair Salons, & Beauty Salons.

If you've been wanting to learn how to Ground Market, attract new patients from locations in your community, and have amazing partnerships that provide consistent referrals... then you can enroll into the course here.

See you in the course,

Michael Arias

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