015: New Patients vs. Existing Patients

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Show Notes

What's up guys! Thank you for tuning in again!

In this episode we are talking about just how important our existing customer base is.

Sometimes we are so obsessed with attracting new patients that we tend to neglect or forget about our wonderful existing patients. One thing we need to keep in mind is that our existing patients are already our customers; new patients are not.

A new potential patient sitting in our chair is still trying to figure out if they should give you their money; existing patients already trust you, they have already made purchases from you.

This means you need to keep selling to your existing patients on upgrading their smile!

Acquiring a new customer can be 5 times more expensive! Retaining customers, however, is not only more affordable on your end (cheaper) but they tend to pay more on what they already know, which is you!

So listen up because I talk about why our existing patients are important, how we can keep them happy, and what it means to keep them happy.

Use this to your advantage! Make sure you are retaining your customers as much as possible!

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