014: Be memorable by being unexpected.

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Show Notes

In this episode I discuss with you a way to build patient loyalty and also a way to be the talk of the town.

Too many dentist and dental offices have the same way of thinking, the same connections, the same agencies, the same dental software, and the same vibes of a regular dental office.

You need to be different, especially since the population, your market, and your community is changing every day. One sure way to keep up with this and increase patient loyalty while also receiving more new patients is by DOING THE UNEXPECTED.

Be unexpected to your patients and community. Like I said before there is too much of the "same" in dentistry. It's time to change the game and that's exactly what I am here for. I know you agree because that is exactly why YOU are listening and tuning in to the podcast; because you want to be a game changer.

So, one way to do that is to do things that stick to the patient's mind. Do things that make the patients want to tell their friends and family about you! Be unexpected, that's how you'll be memorable!

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