Monday Morning Marketing -fifteen- 12/11/2017

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Good morning (or afternoon/ night) my beautiful people! How's the TDM Community doing? A shout out will be done on the next episode to the first person who can guess what "TDM" stands for! Anyways let's get to it! As you know, this series "Monday Morning Marketing" TRIES to come out on Monday morning but it's not happening constantly sooooo I am looking for a new title or maybe I could just leave it the same and it could be like an inside joke that only YOU and I understand.... (cue happy music).

In this episode I answer. question from one of our awesome listeners in Dallas named DAN. He asks:

What's the difference between ground marketing in high urban setting vs rural suburban setting? How can you ground market in an urban setting when every dentist is doing the same approach.

Tune in to hear the answer!

Also, thank you for the continued support TDM Community!

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