MMM [Uncommon] A Hidden Way to Use Yelp to the Best of Your Advantage

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In this episode I discuss with you a way I utilized Yelp to bring in new patients. If you think about it, Yelp is a form of social media. People create their own profiles, you can message them, earn badges, etc. Therefore I decided to use that to my advantage. I use to do this years ago and it actually worked really well! Here are the steps you need to take in order to execute this strategy effectively:

Step 1: I want you to log into your OWN personal Yelp account.

Step 2: Start doing research on your competition. Look at the reviews of other dental office's in your community or area.

Step 3: Scope out the bad ones. Look for the bad reviews in your competitions Yelp account. If the dentist down the street from your office has 7 bad reviews take note of those bad reviews.

Step 4: Read each bad review that your competition has and understand them (understand the customer and why they left the bad review).

Step 5: Reply. On Yelp you are allowed to message anyone. Soooooo message the upset customers of your competition. BUT don't message them some "sales" pitch of why your dental office is better. Say something that makes them feel like you understand.

Step 6. Say something like this. Now this is a real example

ME: "So sorry to hear about your bad experience!Some dentist, unfortunately, do try and get the most out of someone's situation ): Have you found a new dentist in (city's name) that you are happy with?

Upset Customer: Hey! Thank you for your message. Yes, I agree. And No, unfortunately I have not found one yet.

Step 7: Invite them. Here is where you RECOMMEND a great dentist. It's up to you if you want to say you work for a wonderful dental practice but if you decide to say that you better make sure you mention that you will personally take care of them and invite them to your practice ASAP. OR if you made a fake account, then just act like a happy customer and recommend your dental practice. You can even say " Go visit (your dental practice's name) and mention that you talked to me and they will give you a complementary exam"!

Step 8: Above all, be understanding and generous. Look at the bad reviews and see what they are mainly complaining about (waiting too long, rude front office, pain, etc) and do the COMPLETE OPPOSITE when they come in. Focus most of your attention on doing the opposite of what they complained about. This will result in a positive Yelp review for you .... oh... and a new patient as well (;

That's all the steps! Try this today! Some of the bad reviewers may say they have already found a dentist (depending how far back the negative review goes) but regardless try this with absolutely every single bad review you see in your community about dentistry.

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