MMM [Startups] How to Have a Schedule Full of New Patients with Temporary Signage

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In this episode, Dr. Chris Green gives us a breakdown of his use of signage, progress updates, and ground marketing that give him an edge on opening day. He emphasizes that correct terminology in signage is especially important. Making sure you have the offer, dental branding, and a phone number, so people know that you are pre-booking patients, and they know where to call is key. Try not using exact dates, if you are not positive on construction or other possible setbacks. Giving a ballpark range of when your doors will be open, and then updating the patient along the way is a great way to engage them! He also brings up the importance of a simple landing page for pre-booking. Lastly, he goes through the patient mindset, and how most do not mind waiting the three to four months if you are upfront about the timeframe and possible delays in opening. Tune in to this episode with Dr. Chris Green to learn his startup strategies!

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