MMM [SEO] Two “Guerilla” SEO Strategies to See Immediate Results

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In this episode, Michael Anderson and Gillian Duncan from Wonderist Agency come on to talk about two surefire ways to boost your SEO, that the dentist down the street probably is not doing! Wonderist Agency's senior SEO specialist, Gillian, dives into these strategies, starting with trend jacking. Trend jacking is an easy place to start, and all it takes is to keep track of what topics are becoming popular! A simple way to do this is by checking relevant social media hashtags, and seeing what topics have the most views or buzz. When you've locked down a popular topic, you can publish an article or blog post covering it! In the interview, we also cover FAQ schema markup. With a bit of backend coding on your website, you can use schema markup to make sure questions that people search for, easily pop up from your website description. The best part is you do not even need to know how to code! Tune into this week's episode to figure out exactly how Gillian implements these two game changing strategies!

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