MMM [SEO] Most SEO Campaigns Are Missing This One Single Most Important Strategy

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Have you ever asked yourself this: "I have someone doing SEO on my website for years now... and I have a beautiful website… but no results… I'm still not on the first page of Google's search results... what is going on?" It usually comes down to this one single most important thing.

In this episode, Shane Simmons, from Crimson Media Group, gives us the rundown on backlinking and how important it is for your SEO! Backlinking is when other sites link to your site, and can offer a huge boost to your visibility in search engine ranking algorithms. Shane gives us an inside look at high quality backlinks, such as from .edu and news sites, and how to facilitate these for your business. He goes over ways to differentiate as a practice, and how to pick up interest from local news sources. He also mentions that running a sponsored event at your undergrad or dental school can be a great way to generate potential backlinks. When it comes to SEO, Shane highlights that you should not be discouraged without instant results, and it is normal for your ranking to fluctuate in the short-term. Dive into this episode to hear more of Shane's thoughts and strategies on SEO and the use of backlinking!

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