MMM [SEO] What The Heck Are You Paying For? The Results You Should Be Seeing with Your Marketing Agency's SEO Efforts

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In this episode, Xana Winans, from Golden Proportions Marketing, breaks down the four main pillars that she believes you should be seeing from your SEO company:

  1. Technical SEO - This covers the nuts and bolts of SEO: cleaning up bad backlinks, site speed, broken links on the site, and all the small details going into SEO.
  2. Content Development and Distribution - This involves keeping your site active with blog posts, page updates, and articles with longtail keywords and phrases.
  3. NAP Listing and Consistency - Your listings online including Name Address and Phone number (NAP,) should all be uniform! Having differing information online can cause search confusion and zombie listings as Xana calls them.
  4. Off Page SEO - These are the links to your site from other websites. You want high quality websites with good SEO standings to link to your site for an extra boost!

Give this episode a listen to hear more on these pillars and Xana's other tips on SEO, user experience, and conversion rates!

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