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Hey guys! In this week's Monday Morning Marketing for dental practice owners, we provide tips on creating effective videos for your website. Rather than stressing over a perfect script, simply record a casual conversation with a team member or utilize an AI tool like Chat GPT to create a script. It's important to have three key videos on your homepage: a banner video showcasing your practice, a personalized video introducing the dentist, and a testimonial video from a happy patient. Additionally, creating short video series answering commonly searched questions can establish your practice as a trusted authority and attract potential patients to your website.

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Episode Transcript (Auto-Generated - Please Excuse Errors)

Michael: Hey Min, also talk to us about pediatric dental marketing. How can we utilize this? Or what advice or suggestions can you give us that will help us to attract new patients?

Minal: Well, with pediatric, one of the best things to do is to show off your practice culture. Cuz let's face it, you have the most fun practice culture and you can have fun and you don't have to worry about thinking, is this too childish?

Guess what? It's totally okay for you to be right. So one of the things that you wanna show off, especially in the world we live today, because our parents with young children are usually in the Gen X generation, right? Mm-hmm. And the millennial generation. So we grew up with videos and we grew up with Instagram reels and Facebook and all that stuff.

So we are very in tune to social media, yes. But we are also very in tune. Looking you up and seeing who you are as a practice. Because if I want my child to come to your practice, and I know that I, myself as a parent, am afraid of going to the dentist, yeah, you are a dentist, that's great, but I really want to make sure my child's gonna be okay and have a good time at their dental appointment.

So one of the best ways to do that is through videos. Now, let's say you have videos. I want you to kind of, you know, all of our listeners right now, um, do this in a way that makes sense. So, according to Google, most of the people, so over 60% of the people would rather watch online videos than television, which again makes sense cuz we have our phone on our hand and, you know, when do we watch TV?

Late at night. I'm a millennial. I'm in my thirties, I'm in my mid thirties and I haven't had cable since like 2008, 2009. Like, I don't, like, I just go to Netflix or I just like go to Hulu or HB or whatever. And watch my show, right? So this means that they are watching these videos. So this is the first thing you're going to do if you don't have this already on your homepage of your website, you need to have a minimum of three videos.

The first video is going to be a banner video. So a banner video is going to, something fun. Maybe it's a fun video of you going through the office. Maybe it's a fun video of the team having a good time. Maybe patients high fiv. You want a banner video, something that as soon as they land on their website, they're gonna be like, Ooh, this seems fun, or This is great.

You wanna capture their attention. The second video that you want to have is a video of the doctor, talking about themselves and the practice. Now, I know that some of the doctors, you're always thinking, oh no, I do not wanna do video at all. I don't like it. I don't like to, I don't know what to say on it.

I freeze when I get up there. I get it. I a hundred. Get it. I understand. So this is what you do. You get an I. So you just have a conversation. Get somebody on your team. If you're uncomfortable with video, get somebody on your team and have them ask questions if you want to do this by yourself. I just had this conversation with a five location pediatric dentist yesterday, and he's like, I hate video.

Oh my God, what am I gonna do? So here's a quick tip. Go to Chad g p t, like, I'm not even joking. Go to chat G p t and in the chat g p t put on a prompt and say, give me a script for a pediatric dentist to have on the welcome script for the homepage, and it'll give you the script.

and then you can say, give me prompts on how to act on the video. It'll tell you, get close to the video. Now move out. Hold the little thing with a toothbrush. Do this. It'll actually plan out your entire. So you don't even have to worry about it. Use AI to help you if you need to. I mean, we just did this entire thing yesterday and this dentist who hates video, he is a pediatric dentist.

He has five locations and he got three different scripts from Chad, g p t as we were talking about it. And now he's gonna record the video today cuz he knows what to say. And clearly if you have somebody who can interview in your practice even better, then it's just a natural conversation. You don't have to worry about a script or anything like that.

You just talk about why you, why is it that you do this, and where you went to school and um, you know, what do you love about your day, right? So you could do that. So second video has to be with a dentist. The third video has to be a testimonial video. So somebody else has to say how amazing your practice is, So if you have these three Cs of videos on your homepage, that's where you're going to start. Mm-hmm. Now the other stuff you're going to start doing is, once again, you can go to your Google, uh, you can go to your website company and if they're doing SEO for you, ask them and say, what are the questions that are being searched online from parents?

So you're going to, you know, and you could do this, Google actually gives us information for free. So you can go into the town and see what questions are being asked. So let's say the question's being asked, what happens if a baby tooth comes out? Or, uh, you know, when should I take my kid to a pediatric dentist?

Or, what is, is, you know, is fluoride good or bad for children? Or all of those questions that you usually get. Make many q and a series videos with them, and now have your website company. Take those q and a series videos and add it to your YouTube channel. Create a YouTube channel and then have your website company do YouTube seo.

So this means when somebody asks that question, your video will pop up. And as we all know, we go and ask anything on Google and there are always these YouTubes pop up. Mm-hmm. And we click on the one, and now they're listening to you and watch new. Right Now you take those same videos, you crop them, make them vertical, all that good stuff, and you make them into Instagram reels.

You download those videos and then you make them into TikTok. You see where I'm going with this? Mm-hmm. You can take any one of this stuff and repurpose it in multi different ways. So I hope that this helps you with all the video.

Michael: I like that. So the three videos, we want to have banner, video, video for the doctor, and the frequently asked kind of questions, where do I go for this?

When it comes to like Google, where we find out where the questions are at,

Minal: just ask your SEO

Michael: complain. Okay. Okay. So

Minal: like the website. And if you want, and if you want to, and if you want to go back to Chad g p t, just simply go to chat g p t and say, what are some of the questions that parents are asking about pediatric dental health or about, uh, their kid's teeth?

And see what Chad g p t says. Now, Chad, g p t does not have all the answers clearly. you know, it is something AI is working through, its way through this. So not everything is. Truthful and relevant just yet. So that's why I said if you are working with the s e O company, they can go to the Google search console and they can provide you the queries.

Google calls them queries, um, that they're receiving, um, so that you can base your content with this. How often should we

Michael: be doing these videos, like refreshing them, make it so we make them, and that's it. And then we have the questions, and then we distribute that all out. Now we're. Right. We finished distributing.

Do we repurpose it? Do we do it again? Or what do we, how do we do that? A hundred

Minal: percent. This completely depends on your. Comfort level with videos. Like if you hate doing videos, I'm not going to be like, do videos every week cuz you're gonna hate me then. And you are gonna not love the videos either. And it's gonna show that you don't love doing this videos.

I don't want that to happen. If you love doing videos, then yeah, do them all the time. Do them every week, right? Create new videos realistically for social media because videos are so popular and not like live videos and long videos, videos. Less than 30 seconds are really popular. Instagram reels, seven seconds, right, is where you wanna land with TikTok and Instagram reels.

People usually make a decision if they wanna watch a video within three seconds when they're on social media. So if you have videos on social media, um, they have to be shorter. If you have videos on your website, I wouldn't recommend more than a minute, There's too many dings and pings and notifications coming our way to do that.

So absolutely, uh, you can take care of that. And if you have any questions, you know, reach out to me. I can give you like a list of videos and stuff, but if you go to my Instagram, you will see pediatric dental real ideas, like it's actually in there. so you have all this content and information available.

Michael: Yeah, that's kind of tough making like a seven minute or seven second, you know what I mean? If it's inform. Um,

Minal: not really. If you think about it, it kind of forces you to share the information. I mean, you just, if you're thinking about like a seven second, like TikTok or Instagram video, You just need a hook on the top that says something like what are, what are ceilings?

And then you can just have you pointing at different things and you tell us what seals are or you know, what is baby baby tu decay? You could ask that as a question and you could, you know, kind of point around or do something. So it's actually easy cuz you are not really talking, talking all the time, and it also keeps it easier for you because you can quickly go, what are dental ceilings where they are, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you just keep it simple and easy. It takes a little bit of time and effort. Comfortable with it, and to have fun with it. But once you're on it and once you have the ideas, it becomes a lot easier.

Michael: How often at all do you see like the procrastination for this when it comes to a practice, when they're like, okay, I'm, I'm, I'm making the videos, I just gotta set it up and I'm thinking of ideas and it, they're, you kind of feel it, you're like, you're just giving me excuses now, kind of thing. You're not making it happen, so how can we like eliminate that?

Minal: You have to set time for it. Just like everything. You know, if it's everybody's job, it's nobody's job. If it's not on the calendar, it's not going to happen. If it's more like, oh yeah, we have a lunch thing happening tomorrow, so we'll do it. Okay, well, yes. Then put it down in your lunch thing, in the part of your agenda.

We are all together at the lunch meeting. We are going to use 15 minutes to record some videos or do some, you know, fun high fives or do a quick dance or uh, answer a quick question, whatever it is, but it has to be on the calendar. And it can be in a calendar. That's like an afterthought. It can't be like, oh, we had a cancellation, so we'll do it when we have cancellations.

Well, it's an afterthought, so now we are waiting for a cancellation to happen for you to do this instead. It has to be a part of your schedule, of your calendar, and if it's like that, it will make it happen. I always think about it with the gym, right? Like going to the gym or working out. We all know we have to.

We all know we should be doing it, but if it's not on our calendar, and if we don't have that hour booked to work out, something is always going to come along. That's more important. I'm putting this in quotation mark for all the listeners. That's more important than working out. I know. I Trust me. I know.


Michael: yeah. Okay. Gotcha. So put it on the calendar. Who should be in charge of this? If you had. Pick someone. Let's just say Manal. I'm hiring you to beyond my team, who's in charge of this?

Minal: Somebody who wants, first of all, likes videos and also likes technology or uses technology. Um, that's pretty much it. So that could be anybody.

It could be somebody you hire. Maybe you have a niece, a nephew, a friend, son, or daughter who's young. You know, I have practices that have teenagers. Their own teen kids are doing videos for them. I have practices that have hired college kids. I have practices that have team members doing it. What I don't want you to do is get somebody who absolutely hates technology or does not like technology, or is not on Instagram, or is not on Facebook, or not on TikTok, or whatever platform you wanna be on, and then tell them to do.

That it's not going to happen cuz they simply don't know the platform and it's something they organically don't like. That's why they are not active on social media. So I would have a very honest conversation with them and say, Hey, we wanna do these videos, we wanna get our practice culture out there.

who here would love to do that? You will get additional pay for it. Don't make it a part of like, okay, you just do it cuz no, again, it can be an afterthought. You will get additional pay for it. Uh, and you will get time to work on it. So who wants to. And then see, you know, who are those people who wants to do it?

Because if they know the technology then it's easy ideas, content. Again, I'm a social media coach, and this is what I do and it becomes a lot easier. And I have had, you know, sessions when I'm coaching practices where the team members are like super excited and thrilled to do it and like I come in and they're like on it and they're like, oh my God, when we tried this and this is what happened and we did this, and then.

I shouldn't say, but I will say it. Then. I literally spent two hours last week showing a team member how to forward an email Uhhuh. And, uh, that's their social media person. And you can understand the conversation I have with the doctor after I spent two hours teaching somebody how to forward an email and said, we need to change our social media ambassador because I, you know, you can't be paying me money.

To do that. Mm-hmm. Cause that's not gonna

Michael: work. Yeah. Yeah. That's not a good way to, okay. No, I, I get you. I get you. Awesome. Real quick, last question. Well, I wanted to ask you, when it comes to paying that, you said like, I'll give you extra. How much do you recommend.

Minal: Depends on how much you wanna pay them.

Um, there are practices they, and right now team members are hard to come by, so you also want to make sure you're not overflowing their workload already. So depending, I mean, social media managers charge, you can pay them anywhere between $18 an hours to. 30, 35. It depends on how good they're and what they're doing.

So depending on what your bonus structure is, maybe you make it a part of their bonus system. Maybe you make it a part of their, uh, pay system. Cuz again, I don't know how much you're paying them for their actual job. Maybe it's assisting hygiene front desk. so just depending on what they are. But pretty much anywhere it ranges anywhere between $18 an hours and up.

And also depends on where you are in the country because some states have higher prices, uh, higher wages than other.

Michael: Gotcha. Awesome, awesome. Manal, I appreciate your time and if anyone has further questions, you can definitely find her in the Dental Marketer Society Facebook group, or there's two ways we can reach out to Manal and myself for more advice on and more tips.

There's a newsletter, right, that we have that is fan fantastic. It's in the show notes below. We're gonna put a link to it. It's gonna be the first link in the show notes below, and at the same time second. If you really want more, much more in depth and you want to talk with us one-on-one, uh, meaning like monthly, where can they go for them at all?

Minal: pediatric Dental Marketing course.

Michael: Yep. Yep. The Pediatric Dental Marketing Course guys, that's gonna be open for enrollment in May, so that's next. And if you're a part of the newsletter, then you'll, you'll know exactly when it's open and you'll get access first and much, much more information on that.

So, uh, I'm gonna put a link to that in the show notes below, so you can go check that out. But also, min, thank you so much for being with us and, um, where can people reach out to you directly?

Minal: Um, Minal is my website, which is M i n a l s A M P A T. Find me on Instagram again. Same name, Minal Samad.

Find me on Facebook. Save your name. Um, just Google me. It's, I'm easy to find. But minal is the website.

Michael: All right. Thank you with being with me on this Monday morning marketing episode. Thank you for having.