MMM [Internal Marketing] 3 Patient Gifts That Can Bring Your Startup to Max Capacity in 3 Years

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In this episode, Dr. Addison Killeen, breaks down his three favorite gifts to give to patients, and how he took his practice from startup to max capacity over three years. Giving your patients a gift on their first visit or when referring to their friends is a great way to stand out from the crowd! Dr. Killeen goes on to show that it is important to find a balance between gifts that are too costly and gifts that don’t provide enough value to patients. In his practice, he likes to give out one of three gifts: an affordable but nice bottle of red or white wine, a stainless-steel mug, or a t-shirt with the updated graphics or design of the month. He points out that sometimes putting in up to 15% of revenue towards internal marketing might be the push that you need to get rolling!

Listen in on today's episode to catch Michael and Addison’s conversation on the power of gifting and other internal marketing strategies!

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