MMM [Insurance] Behind the Scenes of Dropping PPOs and Doubling Your Practice's Profitability

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In this episode, Dr. Ben Burkitt, from We Care Dental Care, shares his experience in dropping PPOs and when to do it! Like many of us, Dr. Burkitt started off with what he calls "too many" PPOs. While being in network with insurances can be a great place to start, gradually switching to other forms of marketing can offer a large boost in profitability for your practice! Ben shows us that high volume does not mean high profitability, and even though you may lose some patients dropping PPOs, it may be worth it. He states when dropping PPOs, being transparent with patients is especially important, communicating that you are dropping their insurance in able to maintain high quality care. It is also important to keep track of your highest production procedures and whether or not the insurance is direct, leased, or under an umbrella plan. These all contribute to making the right choice for your practice.

Learn more about when and how to best drop PPOs to maximize your profitability in this week's episode!

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