MMM [Insurance] The Road to High Claim Approval Rates Using These Patient Insurance Tips!

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In this episode, Khoa Nguyen, from Verifixed, shows us some of his favorite tips for efficiency, mindset, and effectiveness when handling insurance claims! Khoa notes that we need to start thinking of lower reimbursement rates on insurance claims as a marketing expense. When we are out of network with insurances, we do not have access to their patient-base! When claims are denied, Khoa recommends getting a live person on the phone from the insurance company. If you use this method for all of your appeals and focus of what you know, rather than accusing, the insurance company agents will likely help you out. It is also wise to keep track of specific information on your patient's benefit breakdown to ensure a smooth appeal.

Drop in on Michael and Khoa's conversation here to learn more about insurance tips and best practices!

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