MMM [Insurance] Boost Your Practice's Revenue 20-50% Solely By Getting This Right!

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In this episode, Travis Campbell, from Dental Insurance Guide, gives us an inside look at dental insurance, patient viewpoints, and how to get your collections in order. Travis emphasizes that most practices, when collecting correctly from insurance companies, could see a 20-50% increase in revenue while doing the same amount of work. He notes that a common mistake practices make is putting off treatment for insurance coverage or concerns. Getting patients the treatment they need in a timely manor and utilizing insurance maximums is a win win for patients and practices alike! He also brings up that our wording when talking to patients can often be improved upon. When we tell a patient "this treatment isn't covered by your insurance," they often hear "this treatment is not important." It's up to us to change the wording and value around preventative treatment and maximize our relationships with insurance providers and patients.

Catch Travis and Michael's conversation this week to dive into insurance, collections, and more!

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