MMM [Google Ads] Struggling with Gaps in Your Schedule? Here's How Same Day Ads Can Help

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In this week's Monday Morning Marketing episode, we're thrilled to have Chelsea Brock from Gargle as our guest, continuing our research in the realm of Google Ads. Our focus today revolves around the critical theme of same day appointments and crafting the perfect ad campaign for your office. Chelsea shares expert insights on the episode, emphasizing the importance of specificity in your ads to effectively target your desired demographic. She also sheds light on the power of specific keywords like "Invisalign" while advising on alternative, budget-friendly options. Don't miss what Chelsea has to say about nurturing patient relationships by following up with those who book through your ads. Plus, discover the significance of having a dedicated landing page for your same day appointment ad and learn how to include all the crucial details in your ad copy, such as online scheduling, same day appointments, and hassle-free insurance acceptance.

Jump into the episode now to find how powerful same day appointment ads could be for your office!

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Episode Transcript (Auto-Generated - Please Excuse Errors)

Michael: in three, Hey, Chelsea. So talk to us about Google ads. How can we utilize this or what advice suggestions or methods can you give us that will help us actually attract new patients

Chelsea: immediately? Absolutely. Google ads are one of the best ways to bring new clients and patients into the practice, and you want to make sure that you're focusing on what your practice needs.

We all want new patients coming in, but perhaps we need to focus on a specific procedure. Or most often my clients have holes in their schedule and they want to know, how do I get those bills? I don't want to see empty spaces. I want to be treating patients and getting production through the door.

Most often we want to check in and make sure they're running the right type of ads. We want to make sure that they have an ad that is Reaching the right demographic meeting their geographical area, but also to fill those empty holes in the schedule, you need your patients to know that you're available when they need you.

Most patients we know are great about coming in for appointments, but also most of them are not, and in an emergency situation, they're looking for who's available. So I always recommend if you're seeing a lot of empty holes on your schedule or if you are seeing that you just can't fill As much as you like perhaps you're bringing on a new associate You want to make sure that you have enough there of a patient base to help support them coming in and give them a good Start I always recommend running and what we call an same day appointment available ad This is going to promote That patient can get in and see you right away.

They can see the same day. It also is A great opportunity to run within specific hours. wonderful part of Google Ads is you can change when that ad is running, what time it's reaching during the day. So we can be very specific to reach times that we do need emergencies available. Also, if you have any kind of an online booking, we want to make sure we're putting that in the add copy and definition and all of my clients that implemented this are seeing that within weeks, months, that's completed and they're not having the hold on their schedule.

They're actually having to say, okay, wait, we're going to need to open more columns. I need to bring in another doctor or. They're even pausing the ad briefly or limiting the times that it's there. So that is always my first recommendation in regards to getting new patients in the door and filling those holes quickly, is making sure you're having the right ad running, which is an emergency or same day appointment available ad.

Michael: Can you walk us through how to create this same day appointment ad?

Chelsea: Yes, absolutely. So we want to start, of course, with just getting more information on the office. You want to make sure that we have the right target. And the right focus for the reach that we need. We're going to stick with the Geographical area that fits to the right radius for the office We're then going to want to make sure that we have the right terms in our copy So we're going to be listing that it's open for emergency same day appointments a lot of our offices will even list free consultations Because most people in pain are concerned about finances at times And so having that in there is just a little cushion to make sure that they're able to get in the door We want to make sure that we have that in the copy.

And then any extra information we can add is always a bonus. Is it fee for service? What insurances do you accept? Do you have in house membership or payment plans available? We want to gather all of that information, effectively write it into the copy so that it matches everything that we're trying to reach with the keywords and then present that with the correct graphic as well so that when it's coming to the top of the search results, patients seeing it, easy to click, and then get right into the practice.

Michael: How do you effectively write that in like that short amount of space that you have with an ad? So for example, like same day appointments, right? But we are somebody that takes PPO insurances and you know what I mean? Kind of thing. How do we do that?

Chelsea: So we're going to want to start with the most important thing.

If it's an emergency ad, emergency appointments, same day appointments available. And then we want to start with going down the list of the next importance. So if the office is highly focused on. We accept most insurances, that's going to be our next line there. We really want it to be compelling to draw the patient in.

If we're targeting emergency ads, same day appointment available, let's get you in and taken care of. Usually with those, I don't recommend adding in the insurance first. I would say, let's put in that same day appointment available payment plans accepted, and then most insurance accepted after that.

in my years of practicing, that's what I found was most patients are concerned about the cost of getting in for an emergency, especially in the dental

Michael: industry. Yeah. I like that payment plans available. So we want to put that in the main description title or? The

Chelsea: ad copy.

Yeah, we want it to be in the ad copy or at least getting them to the landing page of the book now where they can see that it's available and know that's a check off their list and can get into the practice.

Michael: So when they see this ad, they click on it, right? It's in the times that they're open, let's just say from 7 to 5, right?

Chelsea: If the doctor selects that time, we do have a few that if they have an after hours emergency line and they're willing to take those emergency patients, we can run that at the hours past the office hours and direct it to that emergency line with either a call to book or to the landing page with that emergency number listed.

Michael: Gotcha. Okay. And so then they click it. It's the same day appointment, right? And does that direct them to a whole separate landing page for same day appointments? Or is it like the website?

Chelsea: So it is a separate landing page that is for a same day appointment. We usually have one of two options.

If they do have a book now option, some of them have it going to the landing page where they can, patient can instantly book. They have been selected emergency appointment times available. Patient can select and they get in that day. Or it is taking them to that landing page with the number to call and get scheduled into one of their appointments within the

Michael: practice.

Gotcha. something to take action immediately. If it's the book now, what do you recommend? What have you seen like in your years of experience? Let's just say it comes up on our practice management software and I see it, do I call them if I'm the front office or

Chelsea: absolutely if they're booking through that link and you see it pop up on your schedule, that's the first thing I want to call is that patient and just confirm we have you coming in for this appointment.

Tell me more about what's going on. Tell me what's bothering you get as much information as you can while they are either on their way to that appointment or before they're coming in later. We want to have as much as possible. So when they get in, we already know the situation. We get them back. We get them taken care of.

And I always recommend to my practices just reiterate, we're going to take care of you. We're going to get you out of pain. That's their biggest concern at that time. Just let them know you're going to take care of them. So absolutely call that patient as soon as you see it pop up on your schedule through your book now link

Michael: Okay.

And then from the most practices you've worked with and the years and everything like that, what times for same day appointments have you seen work best to leave like your schedule open to kind of almost say like, although we have people for new patients this time.

Chelsea: Absolutely. So I found the best two times to have a appointment open. I always recommend having at least two open a day. You want one in the morning, one in the afternoon. The morning hour that seems to be the best is from an 830 to a 10 a. m. Most patients, you can somehow wiggle going into work late or something there.

If you're open earlier, I would slide a little bit sooner, but if most offices are 8 to 5, that 830 to 10 is a perfect time to leave an emergency slot for you. The second slot for the afternoon, if you're in an 8 to 5 would be the 3 30 to 5 o'clock. Same reason is that most people, if they are having to get off work or find care for children or what might be, it's an easier time for them to find that assistance and be able to get in.

Michael: Gotcha. Okay. I like that two times slots. And then in your experience, what are the ads that have the least amount of impact or clicks or, so same day appointments is like really good, right? To fill in the schedule. But if you look Absolutely. Mistakes

Chelsea: almost. Honestly, you don't want to go for the ones that are oversaturated or if you're not being specific enough. The ones that I've seen most clients not dedicate enough to and we don't get results from if they're trying to go for Invisalign, especially depending on which area they're located in, you're going to have a better result if you go for Clear Aligners.

Or invisible orthodontics, something that's more general term versus trying to bid specifically on Invisalign. There's just so much more in the marketplace than there used to be, but to get that bidding, it's going to take a lot more to get the results. And then if you are doing a very generic search or very generic reach in regards to cosmetics or implants, you're not going to see as much.

So you really want the details in there of, okay, if we're doing cosmetics, what are we doing? Are we doing, smile makeovers? Are we doing an all on six? What are we putting in there? We want to give as much detail as we can to draw on the correct audience.

Michael: Gotcha. Okay. It's interesting.

Invisalign doesn't.

Chelsea: It's a good keyword, but you got to put lot of money towards it to get the results that you'd like.

Michael: Okay. So in your experience, what is a lot of money in a little money?

Chelsea: Perfect question. So a lot of money anything really we're going over.

let's say 1500 to about 4000. That's where we're really becoming a big hitter, especially if we're going for something like Invisalign or we're really wanting to hold the market for a specific procedure. Anything under that 1500 and less, we can get great results. But it's not. It's going to be for something that's really specific.

It's going to give us more of a, we can get the new patients and we can do the emergencies. We can do a very general cosmetic ad or anything like that. Ideally, my recommendation, at least for a starting point is 500 per campaign. That gives us a great point to get through the learning phase, get the data we need, and then be able to say, okay, how do we adjust up from here if needed.

Michael: Gotcha. Awesome. Chelsea, I appreciate your time and if anyone has further questions, where can they reach out to you?

Chelsea: Absolutely. They can reach me at gargle. My direct email is Chelsea, c h e l s e a, dot Brock, b r o c k, at

Michael: Awesome. So guys, you can definitely reach out to her there, go on the show notes below or find her on the Dental Marketer Society Facebook group.

And Chelsea, thank you so much for being with me on this Monday morning marketing episode.