MMM [Google Ads] Effectively Communicating Your Value Proposition to Convert New Patients

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In this episode, Kathryn Alderman, from Progressive Practice Solutions, gives us her top five tips for ramping up our conversion rates with potential patients:

1. Engage with potential patients - When you are running ads for new patients, you want to make sure that they engage with your landing page and spell out what makes your practice unique! Why are you the perfect practice for them?

2. Create a clickable title - Remember to include your value proposition within the title, and utilize key words to entice potential patients to click on your page. An effective description is important to have as well.

3. Include all the aspects of a high converting landing page - This involves stating your value proposition clearly and showing what you are offering. This can include engaging photos, videos, links to your YouTube channel, or other valuable content that positions you as an expert, and the perfect fit for them!

4. Answer phone calls - Once you have potential patients calling in, be sure to answer these calls right away! Including online scheduling and text options are also important considerations for the patient experience.

5. Mentor your team on how to deliver your value proposition message - One of the hardest and most rewarding parts of any marketing campaign is mentoring your team on vision and delivery of your offering and message!

Jump into this episode to catch Kathryn's breakdown of these steps and more!

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