MMM [Google Ads] Utilizing Funnels to Get a Person in The Loop, and Nurture Them to Become a Patient

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In this episode, Michael Anderson and Cait Lanning from Wonderist Agency, discuss the importance of following up with leads that come in through paid advertising. When you are paying for leads, whether it be calls to your office, filling out a form, or clicking on an offer, it is essential to follow up with these people! You may have heard of the marketing phrase "seven touch points," saying that it takes about seven interactions with your brand for a lead to take action. What Michael and Cait focus on in this interview is what happens after they take action. They go over funnels and how to lower the barrier for leads to interact, as well as how to keep them in the loop so they can make a decision down the line! Some leads might not be ready now, but if your practice is following up and keeping top of mind, they could be ready to become your patient even months later.

Do not miss out on this episode to catch Michael and Cait's breakdown of leads, funnels, and effective follow-up!

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