MMM [ChatGPT] Harnessing the Power of AI in Your Daily Tasks for a Maximum Efficiency Practice

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Have you been feeling scared of the new AI technology and it's potential to take jobs away from professionals? Well, this week I'm diving in with Dr. Kathryn Alderman on the reasons we should embrace this technology! It is not here to take our jobs, it is here to boost productivity and professionalism in your practice. Dr. Alderman goes through multiple applications she has used ChatGPT for in ONE day! Just scratching the surface, Katheryn has used ChatGPT to help her craft job descriptions, ads, contracts, claim denial appeals, training materials, emails, and more. In a world where staffing is increasingly tough, why not have the equivalent of an MBA/PHD graduate on your side for free!

Catch our conversation on ChatGPT here, and learn how Katheryn has been best utilizing this tool!

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Episode Transcript (Auto-Generated - Please Excuse Errors)

Michael: Hey Catherine. So talk to us about ai, artificial intelligence and chat, G P T. How can we utilize this, or what advice or suggestions can you give us that will help our workflow efficiency or front office tasks within the practice?

Kathryn: Michael, thank you so much for inviting me today.

I always love talking to you, and we have to remember that AI technology is here to maximize and supercharge our ability. So AI technology is not here to take, uh, our jobs away. Or to take, uh, jobs away from our teams. But he, the AI technology is here to simplify our workflow and maximize what we can do during the day.

So in a dental office, traditionally, we all short for help and it's actually really expensive to get a quality candidates and, um, Due to labor shortage, many of the dental offices don't have enough people that, um, uh, can handle the responsibilities. So it's very important to find ways that we can use to help us to run an effective, profitable, successful dental office without an extra expense.

And the shot G P T allows us to do that. That's actually free, fast. And absolutely fabulous. And it's becoming so fast that when I put a prompt in and when I ask for, uh, help with the project, it gives me the answer so fast. My eyes don't move fast enough to follow the answer. That's how fast and powerful the technology is becoming.

You ask me what areas can we help with? I will run through all the areas that I have used it today for just today. In one day I wrote a content for a press release. I wrote a job description for Directable clinical operation. Not only I wrote a job description, but I also wrote, the job ad and a contract.

That would go along with the job. So charge G D P gave me all the information in less than two minutes total time, describing the job, describing the job responsibilities, and that even gave me program, how to implement with job in my group. So that was one of those things. Another thing that I did is work with dental insurances on maximizing.

our reimbursement fees. Jack, g d p helped me to write letters to approach dental insurances and, um, negotiate the fees. That has also helped me to write appeals and to write an appeal for denied crowns, all denied crown viewed up. That's very time consuming. We don't have time, we don't have people to do that.

Not only wrote was, um, samples of, uh, appeals. It gave me multiple different versions so it doesn't sound the same and an amazing part that I couldn't write such a great appeals. I couldn't, it did a fabulous job of writing was appeals and then I said, write me clinical note to premium denials. And, uh, it did give me a clinical note So my dentist give more information to ENT was denials. That was just in one day. Actually there wasn't a first part of my day. The second part of a day I worked with my marketing team and, um, Marketing is becoming very competitive. Marketing is all about content creation. And uh, while we don't want have a content created by charging, just, we can't just copy and paste it mm-hmm.

And make a blog or a post of that, but we can definitely use its help. To create a content that is really interesting and we can also take this content and we can, um, create, uh, social posts. We can create a description for YouTube videos. create videos, video content. So, so when it comes to marketing and most, most of our dental teams don't do marketing.

That's something we hire out. But if the team does some marketing, for example, social posts, or maybe there is a person on the team that does, um, that does do some blog posts, uh, Chad, g p t becomes a great tool in, um, helping with the marketing. Another thing that I have been using a lot is to train my new people and onboard new people.

For example, just in the last two weeks, uh, we have hired four new people, so chat, G P T helped me to create materials. To train new people and actually create a documents to explain what is a gum disease, what is the upscale procedures in the dentistry, or how to submit claims correctly to dental insurance.

So tragedy p creates training materials very quickly in other ways that dental teams can use. That Somebody on a dental team doesn't know the answer. All they don't know, uh, they don't understand the procedure or the consequences of doing it all. They, they can have any question about, you know, scheduling or working with dental insurances.

So a dental code. I use chat G D P a lot to pull up his information quickly. And the information is given to you so quickly. You don't have to Google anymore, you don't have to go through multiple websites or multiple answers that is provided by Google. You can simply use chat. G p P, so, This is just again, the beginning of what we. Doing with the AI technology and it's really, again, the goal destroying power us to allow us to be more effective, to allow us to maximize our ability and to really help us if we have a full team or maybe we don't have enough people on our team or.

If we have people, but maybe we don't have the, all the expertise, chat, g d p can help us with all of the things that I mentioned and more, but I just described what I did on one day today, in one

Michael: day. That's amazing. Yeah. So that's, it's, you utilize it all the time now, basically.

Kathryn: I don't think it is a day or two hours on my day when I don't use it.

And, and it's not just in a dental office. It can be for, it can be for personal life, it can be looking up health. It can be translated for my parents that speak Russian, don't speak English. Uh, for example, my mom may ask me, uh, why do I need to take this medication? Uh, And I will give a prompt to cha g d P.

Then I will say, translated to Russian. It translates beautifully. I don't even speak Russian that well anymore. so, it's, it's literally a miracle. I feel that cha g p t is like a Christmas every day. It's like, It's, it's, it's just, I got this BU employee that is free, fast, efficient, intelligent, and I, it's unbelievable.

It's, I compare to like, um, an MBA student, somebody that has completed MBA and PhD, and uh, and they're just here to support me. They're here to help me. So I definitely, um, think it's a great tool. It's a great tool to help and really it's almost capabilities are unlimited and all this is only the beginning.

Michael: what have you seen where, okay, now this is the biggest jump we've seen with maybe marketing, maybe with the dental team, maybe with what is the biggest, where you see the needle moving?

Kathryn: Well, definitely content writing for now. It's a content writing, and when we say content writing, you really, marketing becomes extremely important. But when we are talking about content writing, again, it's not just write a blogs or to optimize your website. Content writing is more than that.

Content writing is right. Job descriptions, job ads or training materials to describe systems operations for your training material So it's all about content writing at this point. Just using a chat g uh, charge G p T. And soon obviously there will be more, but right now, mostly it is a content writing.

But when we think about content writing, it's not just oh. I need to write a blog or I need to write a post. Let's say you are a dentist. You are busy. You don't have time to write an office manual. You don't have time to write a system, um, and create a blueprint for your office. DP can help you. You can literally log in and you can, you can ask for help.

To write a system or a blueprint for how to scale patients in your office. And again, it's not gonna be perfect and it's not gonna be ideal, but it's give you a lot of, um, a lot of good information that you can take and, um, make it your oven. So content writing is the best and a content writing. It's not just for blogs on your website.

It's again for. creating new training manuals, training new people, you know, creating, uh, creating materials, uh, how to handle a conflict in your office or further how to create appeals. Write an appeals to dental insurances. And, uh, you can even create, you can even use charge G P T on how to have a.

How to respond to an negative Google review or how to write an email, uh, how to write an email to the patient. This is actually becomes really powerful people, most people are not great on writing emails, so I am one of those people as well. I hate writing emails. I hate hate emails, but what I do, I'll write my.

You know, copy of an email and then I will put it right through chat, uh, G P T and I will say rewrite. And it just gives me this beautiful professional copy of an email so our teams can do that as well. So all of us look more professional and, um, better spoken. So, so it's, it is a content writing, but when we talk about content writing, it's involves everything that isn't written form.

In a dental office, and there's so many things that we do need to put, um, that we need to still, um, create a content for. Does that

Michael: make sense? Yeah. Yeah. Wonderful. Yeah, I think that makes a lot of sense. Especially, it's not just like a blog or an article, right? It's more like, like you said, like give me a list of, of most.

Possible complaints for a claim if I filed this right. Then it gives you like a list and it says, write a specific email or blog, uh, debating that claim, right? Or for if I'm a dentist, then I'll write that down and then continue, uh, so it, I can see it. Yeah, it's definitely, definitely super useful for a lot of things like that.

Kathryn: My best advice for somebody is not to be afraid. My best advice is really to just start using it and not to be intimidated by that because everybody says it's all about prompts and it's all about how you ask, um, uh, question. Yes, it's right, but just. My best advice, start with a basic question. Really explain what you are trying to get and then start asking questions to add to that.

So really, and you will start experiencing the power of it, you will start experiencing the power of, AI technology and you'll, you, you'll understand how to use it, but my best advice. To log in, start using it, and just start being comfortable with that because it is, the future is here. Mm-hmm. The future is here.

The AI technology is gonna become part of our everyday lives and, uh, the faster we comfortable with that. We will be more comfortable to transition in a new world where we use an ai, AI technology in, in our businesses every single day.

Michael: Awesome. Awesome. So besides that, any other final pieces of words or advice that you want to give to our listeners?

Kathryn: Start using it and don't be afraid because I hate technology is here. So just start using it. There is really nothing secretive about it. It's really meant to be used by everybody, not just by marketers. It's like a new Google, but better. Mm-hmm. And uh, and just to start using it and You can think of anything.

You can think of anything through, okay, I need to write a clinical note for skeleton root planning according to new pre grading. And you just put it in and see the magic happen because Chad, g p t will give you a clinical note based on your new grading system that, um, academy of Paleontology has.

That's how advanced it is. So you can think of anything, you can think of start asking Chad g p t, and um, and don't be afraid to experiment with it. Learn it, and you will just, you will feel super charged. Super effective, and you just will, you'll feel like, wow, like this is amazing. I have, uh, I literally have, uh, gained a tool to help me be more effective, execute more throughout the day, and ultimately for my brand, for my office, um, to look more professional.

it's wonderful.

Michael: Awesome, Catherine, I appreciate your time and if anyone has further questions, you can definitely find her on the Dental Marketer Society Facebook group, or where can they reach out to you directly?

Kathryn: They can email me at Progressive Dental or they can visit And uh, there is a lot of other podcasts and many of your podcasts that we have done before and, uh, there is a lot of great information and all of my contact information.

Michael: Awesome. So Catherine, thank you for being with me on this Monday morning marketing

Kathryn: episode.

My pleasure. Thank you so much, Michael.