MMM [ChatGPT] Slow Down to Speed Up: Utilizing ChatGPT for Dental Practices

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We are starting off this month's MMM episodes covering ChatGPT, and the ways you can utilize it in your practice! In the fast-paced world of technology, it can be tempting to rush into picking up new tools and trends, but taking the time to slow down and fully understand how to effectively use these tools is where we are headed in this episode. Dental practices can benefit immensely from using ChatGPT to manage insurance claim denials, write up detailed business or marketing plans, and even draft scripts for videos. The most important part of this process is to have fun with it! The world of AI is still largely uncharted territory, so jumping in and experimenting with "how would ChatGPT respond to this?" is an effective mindset to have.

If you've been dipping your toes into the AI world, or haven't used it at all, give this episode a listen and learn with Michael Bonanno and myself!

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Episode Transcript (Auto-Generated - Please Excuse Errors)

Michael A: Hey Michael. So talk to us about ai, artificial intelligence and chat, G P T. How can we utilize this or what advice or suggestions can you give us that will help our workflow efficiency or front office task that we have within our

Michael B: practice? question. Thanks Michael.

So I would say the first thing is just to start. Doing it right, pull it up, Google Search chat, g p t, and uh, you pull it up and there's, it's actually, there's some free versions and you just start typing things in from different perspectives. So, that would be the first step, right? And, uh, from there, to give you an example, I'll, I'll oftentimes, if I'm looking to.

Create copy or, or um, you know, manage something like a denial or predetermination. I will go in and say, just for fun. I'm like, well, Write this for me my mind is always blown when I get the re the response back in like 30 seconds. What sometimes practices are paying highly paid people to manage is now being done in a matter of seconds and more complete, thorough and, fun while, you know, while we're at it.

Michael A: Nice. Okay, so then gimme some examples on what you utilize it for. What have you seen it work best for right now and what are your like we should have probably used it for that.

Michael B: Sure. Well, I keep trying to get it to do everything for me, but it keeps reminding me that it's like a, I can't remember what it says.

It says like, it says it gives me some error, like they can't come up with that for me. Mm-hmm. But, I'm using it for, I'm playing around with it with, uh, like website copy. Right. Or marketing content copy, or, I just did, um, I said, you know, there was an office that wanted to do a predetermination on number 13 with buildup crown and indirect pulp cap.

So I thought, let me see what chat G p T is gonna come up with for this. And I'm not kidding you, Michael. It came up with the most incredibly complete, it was like previous history of a patient, is this, that and the other. And, um, current experiences. I mean, it was just so on point. That there's no possible way the insurance company could deny it, right?

It just, all of the information for why somebody would need those procedures is right in there. So now the dentist just puts their name on it, we send it off, right? so we're having fun with that. Also, managing denials. Um, it's always fun to see, you know, sometimes what chat g p t is gonna say about how we manage a denial.

And you can also write from the perspective of a dentist or perspective of a consultant or perspective of someone, which is really cool. Um, I'm also using it for my website, so actually chat. durable is another ai, right? Mm-hmm. And they are building, um, websites. You put in a few things and before you know it, you have a full on website that will just blow your mind with what it comes up with.

As a matter of fact, asked Chad d p t, I said, who is Michael Bono or something? Michael Bono in the dental industry or something like that. Man, I took what it said. It made me sound so good and I forgot, dude. I was like, Yeah, I have been on lots of, you know, I've been in, in the newspapers and I've been on the, on television, you know, stations and things like that when Covid came out, right?

Mm-hmm. And I just forgot about all of that, and it pulled from somewhere, all of that together and made me look like the bright shining star that I am. So I was pretty excited about

Michael A: that. Nice. Okay. I never thought about that when it comes to perspectives on how to use it from a dentist, from a consultant, How do you see that beneficial when it comes to like, I mean obviously not a dentist or practice owner, but do we, what prompts would you recommend we use for like consultant or, or

Michael B: marketing?

Yeah, it's a great question. I haven't dove in too much into prompts. I have a bunch of things saved on my phone right now where, I'm gonna make this up like a hundred or plus, probably thousands, probably you know, better than I do. How many different prompts and different. programs exist right now to support this artificial intelligence, the workability of it.

And I know there's images and, um, y you know, you can, you can design and do code and all kinds of things. I was sharing with, um, one of my buddies, I said, let's, let's spend a weekend at an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere and just start going down the list of all of those. Programs and seeing what they can do and how we could have an impact what we're doing.

And um, I mean it's even now posting, pictures and stuff on Facebook and, and Instagram and all kinds of things for us. so it's, it's pretty amazing. I, I need more, a little bit more time cuz I do want to geek out on it, to be honest with you. I, I'm still just playing around with it and, and I'm still in discovery like, Well, what is it gonna say about that?

you know, that root canal that was needed or that implant and or why we took that x-ray. And now as we get more into medical billing, commercial medical billing for dentists, it's actually, even more fun. So. interesting. But a consultant, I would put everything in there, dude.

I mean, like, you know, ask, I, I treat it like, it's like a. I'll just be like, let me just see what it's gonna say about this. What, what is, what's it gonna write about that? I've got friends people that are in, college using it to write college papers and the professors are not picking up on that.

It's, you know, computerized and, I mean, obviously they're going through and cleaning it up and making it of their language and type of thing. But for the most part, I'm really like, Floored by the way that it presents, information and how quickly. Yeah.

Michael A: Yeah. It's, it's amazing. What kind of marketing have you seen practice owners utilize it

Michael B: for?

Yeah. Uh, I, website content. You can also say, I'm Michael, you know, I own a virtual support company. For dentists, what are some reasons why a dentist would hire me and it will spit out a whole bunch of things or reasons, or write me an article about the, uh, the value of not missing phone calls.

In a dental practice or I'm a consultant for dentists, um, help me write a business plan for this. I mean, it will literally, as a matter of fact, I was talking to somebody recently who, they're a consultant and they are putting together a program and you can literally ask the AI to build you out a six week program on this, that, and the other, and it will give you an entire timeline with deliverables.

For how to achieve the outcome. Mm-hmm. It's pretty cool.

Michael A: Yeah. Yeah. So we can do that with like marketing, right? Like kind of say like, create me a six month marketing plan that exactly. $5,000 budget or that's it, right? And blah, blah, blah. This is my, and then continue to add to it as soon as it Right. Kind of a, yeah.

Like. Be like, okay, now talk about Instagram. Right. Or talk about this. Right. Or I'm in New Hampshire, what about that Right. Kind of thing.

Michael B: Yeah. I, I, I don't know where it's happening, where the data's coming from, but it's, it's pretty complete comprehensive. And, um, you know, I, I actually played with it. Uh, we were talking with a friend of ours who's an attorney the other day, and we were, we were talking about contract law in San Diego.

Where we live, California and we said, you know, have you heard of chat G p T? He said, no, what is that? And he wants to focus on writing, right? All he wants to do is write contracts. and so we said, well, here, let's do this. So we pulled it up. We said, you know, I'm an attorney in California. Oh, it was a contract for a parking space.

Mm-hmm. And He was like floored by it. He said it did miss a couple of things, but I said, well, that's why the human being still exists. See, the human being exists to manage the integrity of the system, right? Chat, e p t is still a system, so you know, there's going to still be a, a human element required.

at some point, maybe not. but yeah, he was floored by it as well. So I just invite anybody, who's doing anything to get on there and start asking from different perspectives. If you're a consultant, you're a dentist, you know, you want to, you're a hygienist, you want to educate a patient on sleep apnea, you know, um, or.

You know, versus waiting for script. You can write, it'll write you scripts. I said, write me a sales script for cold calls of, uh, virtual support for dentists or something, and it comes up with the whole thing. Interesting.

Michael A: Okay. That's good. Yeah. What would you recommend, for example, let's just say a dentist is listening right now, practice owner, and then they're like, all right, we're gonna sign up.

We're gonna get it, or we're gonna, I want my front office to mess with it a little bit more. what kind of prompts should they be putting into it?

Michael B: Yeah, I would say it depends on what kind of outcomes they want to get, right? If they're having issues with billing, then there's gonna be specifics to, uh, that if they want to look at marketing, well then they should, you know, do some searching around, um, and find out which of the platforms are going to provide the outcomes they need for.

for their marketing. and with all that, there are, I'm not related to any specific, ones. my exploration has been mostly with chat, just chat, g p t, general, question and answer fund. I know that it's doing all those things. Yeah. Yeah.

Michael A: Awesome. How do you utilize it for your, your business?

Michael B: for my business? You know, I haven't actually, really elevated the use of it in my business. I'm still in the, I'm kind of an analysis paralysis guy. So for example, like it takes me more time to think about something than, and then it takes like my spouse before I'm done thinking it's already done.

Right. Um, with my spouse. So, I'm still in the analysis stage of like, is this really working? Does this really work? Well, what if I put this in and what if I do that? so I'll circle back with you on that as I integrate more of it into my business. I haven't integrated much actually into my business.

Maybe my marketing company's using it. Cuz as I think, as I think about some of the text and stuff that I'm getting back, I'm like, this could be, you know, artificial intelligence. Because some of it I'm kind of like, It says something like, uh, virtual administrators can help update patient records.

And I'm like, yeah, nobody's saying that. You know, you know. Yeah, yeah. But I get it, you know? Yeah, that's great. And I, I just wouldn't say that. Mm-hmm. So, um, yeah, we'll do a follow up with, uh, me as I, as I integrate more, into the business.

Michael A: Nice. So you definitely think. For sure, for sure. Practice owners should be utilizing this or at least messing around with it right now

Michael B: for sure.

Oh yeah, because there's, I mean, you know, practice owners are very, very smart, right? Most of them, that we work with are independent dentists, so they're practice owners and they're very smart people, much smarter than me. And so as they look at, you know, as they toy around with it, they will find so many different ways that it can be beneficial.

I wish I had more time. That's why I said let's lock ourselves in a Airbnb for the weekend and really dive into, because. You know, it's kind, it's that philosophy of slowing down to speed up. Mm-hmm. We know that it's powerful. We know that it's available and so, any time that we don't slow down to understand how to maximize it is, um, To our detriment long, you know, long term.

Mm-hmm. It's like compound interest, right. You gotta get it in there. As soon as you get it in there, it builds and grows. Right. But yeah, you have to spend the time now and get it in. So I, I just submit lock, you know, doing something where we look at what are the outcomes in the practice where it's taking human. you know, human resources, if you will, and how can we leverage the value of artificial intelligence, like chat G P T to either speed things up, automate things, get out in front of things so that we're not having to think from nothing. The different co you know, marketing. Mm-hmm. Messages, I'm getting messages or stories For me, I'm a, I'm very high creative, so every word matters.

So it can take me sometimes months to do something where with chat G P T, for example, they spit something out. I've got something that gives me something to latch onto where now I'm building from it as opposed to from scratch, which for me works really well because of how much time I sometimes spend.

Just thinking about how am I gonna start

Michael A: this? Yeah. Yeah. Gotcha. Awesome Michael, I appreciate your time and if anyone has further questions, you can definitely find 'em on the Dental Marketer Society Facebook group or where can they reach out to you directly?

Michael B: Sure, they can. Uh, my cell phone, (602) 388-0954 or email me at m b like Michael Bono mb dental

Michael A: Awesome. So that's gonna be in the show notes below, guys. And Michael, thank you for being with me on this Monday morning marketing

Michael B: episode. My pleasure. Thanks for having me. Enjoy, uh, enjoy the rest of a great day.