96: Voices of Dentistry | Dr. Bryan Stimmler | How to stand out in an insanely saturated community

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Voices of Dentistry was UH - MAY - ZING! Along with that, I am bringing you some impressive and remarkable content from some of the best dentists out there and some of the most innovative and creative minds! I am so excited to introduce to you a friend of mine who has a practice in Brooklyn, New York. He is also a fellow podcaster, the host of The Better Dentistry Podcast, Dr. Stimmler!

Listen as we dive deep into his practice. We talk about what he is currently producing in his practice (yeap, he lets us know how much his current production and collection is), what is his best ROI, what he is currently doing for marketing, shares with us his biggest fails and struggles to date, and tells us all about his past, present and future!


North Brooklyn Dental Care Website

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