95: Dr. Chris Bowman | An incredibly easy tactic to instantly skyrocket your case acceptance.

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Episode 95 is in the books (almost to 100)! In this episode I have my wonderful guest Dr. Chris Bowman really break down for us how to increase your production and collection. One easy way I can tell you right now, that he mentions to me is to truly focus on what you are passionate about when it comes to your work and dentistry. Don't do the stuff that "just makes money" because eventually you'll end up digging yourself in a hole.

We also discuss the importance of literally giving every single patient the chance to reject your best work or accept it. I always say you should never assume when I am teaching Ground Marketing, the same should be said when it comes to case presentation. Just because the patient may seem like they can't afford it, you still need to give them the chance to say it! Why would you deprive yourself from possibly making more on something you absolutely you enjoy doing?!?

We also dive into a little history in Dr. Bowman's life, how he started his practice, why after so many years .... he has just now decided to change the name of his practice, and also how he met Michael Jordan! I am so excited for you to listen to this episode and I recommend you have your front office (especially the treatment coordinator) listen to this episode. Enjoy!


Chris Bowman's Dental Office Website

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