94: Laura Hatch | What to NEVER say on the phone (it's things most of us say all the time).

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Hey TDM Family! Let's get into this episode by introducing my extraordinary guest: Laura Hatch from Front Office Rocks! Laura JUST released her book: Step Away From The Drill. Guys, if you want to really upgrade your dental practice then you better have your team listen to this episode and YOU need to buy this book!

We discuss how to get our patients to accept treatment. It's more than just asking them or expecting them to accept it because you are a dentist... there is a strategy to this! We also discuss what the most important piece of equipment in your office is and WHY you absolutely need someone HEAVILY trained to operate this piece of equipment! Your business depends on it!

We also jump into a time machine and discuss how Front Office Rocks came to be! Also, what Lunch with Laura was! (by the way feel free to go ask her to preview the video Lunch with Laura... I'm sure she will get a kick out of it).We discuss scripts and how to perform in the front office and how much should you invest in your team members/ employee. I know a lot of times we fear if we invest too much into our staff and they leave.... then what!? Well, Laura takes away that problem in this episode! So tune in and reach out to her!

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Buy her book: Step Away from the Drill: Change the Way You Lead Your Dental Business For More Control, Fun and Profit

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