93: Angie Stone | The unbelievable problem that no one really talks about, until today.

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Hey TDM community, I truly hope you're off to a good start this week. In episode 93 I talk with the wonderful: Angie Stone. Talking to Angie is like talk to a positive energy that only wants to uplift you! It was sensational! We start off discussing how she became a hygienist.... but... something changed. This change led to a series of events that really impacted her life and caused her to create her business which is Hy-Life.

We discuss the importance of treating your team right. Employees, all employees, want to feel appreciated and they also want to feel like they are growing in their field. Make that happen, don't just talk to them when your employees screw up! Understand and expect that they will screw up but don't keep pointing it out, no one likes that! Instead help them find the lesson in their mistakes, be a teacher to your employees, not someone who they dread to go to work with!

We also dive into a topic that Angie is extremely passionate about which is, our elders. Be honest and ask yourself, what do I do with my older patients, the ones who have come to visit me for years BUT now they are in retirement homes/ senior homes and can't make the drive to me anymore... what do I do with these patients? Do I just forget about them? Give up on them? Well these elders need you! It's elders who have the most dental disease in the population! What are we doing to get these patients to you? Tune in to find out!

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Angie Stone's Speaking Website (to book her to speak at an event, etc.)

Dying From Dirty Teeth Book (Amazon Edition)

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