90: Keith English | How to attract new patients 24/7 (even when you are not in the office)

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We are at episode 90 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! In this episode we discuss nothing but about the best online scheduling system out there... LocalMed! And who better to interview than the founder of Local Med: Keith English! This guy has literally created something definitely worth sharing and talking about!

In this episode we discuss many things, scheduling related, business related, and life lessons we can learn from him. A couple key things I loved that I took away from this episode was that Keith one exactly what he wanted... even if it has never been done before or wasn't even created, he still knew exactly what he wanted. Which leads me to my second point: patience. Boy o'boy was Keith patient when it came to creating LocalMed. He funded the whole thing himself so you can easily understand how you would be in such a hurry to make some sort of ROI on this product but, listen to how he handled the whole situation.

Another thing we mention is the importance of patients being able to schedule NOW! Not in 5 minutes, or not even having to have then schedule, then call, or text to confirm, or adding an extra step. Patients want easy, simple, and fast. And Keith gives us the stats to understand why.

This week we wanted to share with you.... our wonderful SPONSORS: LocalMed

Go check them out as soon as you can to make life, not only easier for you, BUT easier for your patients and you new potential patients as well!

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Local Med is the only real-time, online scheduling platform that closes the loop on the patient acquisition process. Patient appointments show up in your schedule at the right time, in the right chair, for the right provider, for the right length of time, 24/7. Some would call that magic, we call it LocalMed Connect. AND ... No long-term contracts! LocalMed is a month-to-month service.

Click on the link or the image of Local Med below to get a free DEMO today and 10% off (or more) your set-up fee! (actually you can click on any link in this "SHARE" section and it will do that for you (;


LocalMed Website

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