89: Minal Sampat | How to make your patients instantly talk BIG about your remarkable dental office

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You are now listening to episode 89 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! In this amazing episode I interview my wonderful guest, Minal Sampat, who is a marketing genius! In this episode get ready to hear about her past and just how she started in marketing and how she dominated in it (still dominating).

A couple key things Minal mentions that I took away is the importance of delegating. Don't think you can do everything, because let's face it, you can't and if you do you will NOT grow. Second thing I took away that goes hand in hand with this is don't grow too fast. And I know this may sound like a caveat but this is why you need to pay close attention to your business. Make sure you are growing at a pace that you can handle, and with that you want to be able to hire people along the way and delegate. Something Minal mentions is a quote from Mark Cuban, 80% of 100% is better than no percent. I remember this Shark Tank episode because a guy was saying how he can't delegate his work because no one can do it as perfect as him. However, 80% of 100% is still great and it should be delegated.

Another thing we mention is how having a someone specifically in charge of marketing in your office can be the absolute best thing you can ever do! Listen to the episode to hear why!


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