85: Andre Shirdan | How can understanding the philosophy of your dental office bring you tremendous results?

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In episode 85 I have the wonderful privilege to interview my guest, Andre Shirdan, who has been in the dental field and helping dental offices strive for years (if not, decades)! Andre started off working at a record store company where he quickly learned how to exceed in that field. But he didn't lear on his own, the company would sendhim out to be trained by some of the top customer services oriented people in the world who work with companies like the Ritz Carlton, Disney, and Nordstrom. Then Andre started working for a high end retail boutique store where, they too, would send him to get trained to learn higher end customer service and sales techniques. Then finally, his brother in law (who is a dentist) brought him in to help him manage his dental practice .... and the rest is... well you just have to listen to find out the rest of his story!

In this episode we learn about how to be customer focused and what it means. We hear the customer is always right but Andre says..."you know what the customer is NOT always right BUT the customer is the customer"... what does that mean?

We also talk about the philosophy of your practice. A philosophy needs to be the size of a bumper sticker... it should be said in 6 words. Knowing the philosophy of your dental practice is crucial. It helps you to know what type of customers you want, how you need to implement your marketing, and how to hire the right employees. Andre gives us an example of how the philosophy should be and how the thought process should begin. We discuss these topics and many more so be sure to listen up and bookmark this episode to come back and listen to it over and over again!


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