81: Sarah Thiel | What your hygienist has to say about you with Sarah Thiel

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Episode 81 has arrived! I had the wonderful privilege to interview the amazing Sarah Thiel! Many of you know her as the founder of CE ZOOM. But in this episode we dive into the past... and what frustrations made her create CE ZOOM. We also discuss the importance of keeping your team happy! Does this mean giving your team a raise every six months? Company retreats? More time off? How can you make your team happy and ambitious to help you constantly grow your dental office.

We also discuss the importance of just genuinely being a good person. Sarah Thiel personally knows the doctor whose video is going viral as we speak. The video was about how he helped a woman who was abused in her past relationship, he literally fixed her tooth for free (the tooth was broken because of the abuse).

We discuss how something that only took the doctor possibly less than 10 minutes (a restroom break) changed a woman's life and now the dentist is ON THE MAP! Who wouldn't want to go to him after doing this! He has created brand authority! Not only this, but be nice to your staff as well.

Another thing we talked about is... how do you know if your hygienist is really trying for you... or they are just bored and working for the paycheck? Tune in and enjoy!


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