78: Korey Korfiatis | The most highly recommended thing to do to see progress in your dental practice

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Hey Dental Marketer Tribe! I hope you are enjoying your week! I apologize for the lack of uploads this week, I am recovering from the flu and at the same time I started Invisalign so I had to extract some wisdom teeth as well and couldn't even talk... so yeah.... had a rough week but managed to upload this very special episode!

In this episode I interview the very amazing Korey Korfiatis, the owner of Legwork. Now, Legwork is a marketing software tool! If you wonder what that is Legwork helps your dental practice with reminders, referrals, obtaining more reviews and helping with reactivations, and SO much more! Korey Talks with me and tells me about how he started the company and what he has seen increase dental practice profits.

We also talk about the best piece of advice he has to share... which honestly is an AMAZING piece of advice. It seems so simple but if you apply it TODAY then it will happen and you will see tremendous progress in your dental practice. What happens is we start to apply what we learn but then "life" happens and we tend to forget and let things slide, so don't be consistent with the advice Korey has for you.


LegWork Website

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