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In this episode I interview the wonderful keynote speaker Doug Fettig. Now Doug was the keynote speaker in the event I went to in San Diego called The Business Side of Dentistry, amazing speaker, outstanding knowledge bombs were dropped by this guy! In this episode we dive into so many topics.... all topics concerning you, your dental practice, your student loan debt, ANY debt, obligations, and more so drink some coffee and stay alert for this episode!

Doug tells us why it is important first and foremost to identify our personal goals. This is important to do because we have to know where you want to be and if you are even on the right path, if not, it's time to start pivoting. We also learn how a dental practice owner HAS to be dynamic. Now many dental practice owners are dynamic but lack leadership skills, I personally have seen its case many times, but don't worry Doug and I discuss what we can do to overcome this obstacle. We also discuss very heavily debt and planning for retirement, when should someone start planning for their retirement.... after they pay off all their debt? Doug answers this and we discuss what happened December 18,2015? (yep! it's an important date that you should know about, so stay tuned!)

Doug has over two decades of experience as a CPA and a finance professional, providing him the unique ability to understand dentists' needs and help them grow efficient and profitable practices. His insight allows him to effectively communicate business concepts to dental practices while strategically addressing tax, investment, and retirement planning needs. Doug has spoken at numerous dental seminars, academies, study groups, and vendor forums around the country and he is known for his energetic, engaging, and entertaining speaking style. As a dental business advisor, he is adept at collaborating with dental practices and incorporating Aldrich's expertise to help dentists grow their practices and increase their profitability.

In addition to his professional speaking roles, Doug has been an Adjunct Faculty Member at Portland State University's College of Business. Doug volunteered with nonprofit organization Precious Beginnings, serving as president and speaking at numerous medical and charitable events to further the mission of supporting parents with critically ill newborns.

Doug received a degree in Accounting from The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and his MBA from Regis


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