70: Denise & Monica | How Two Office Managers Made $40,000 More In Just Three Months

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Heyo! We are at episode 70! Thirty more episodes until the big one zero zero (100!). I am excited for that and this episode. In this episode I was invited to an event to podcast with the key note speakers. The event was called the Business Side of Dentistry, and I highly recommend attending it next year for anyone looking to know more about... the business side of dentistry! In this interview you will hear background noises and moving of the microphone which I apologize but the information is fantastic.

First I interview Denise who is the office manager, and she expresses how to properly do case presentations and how the front office, or better yet, the whole dental practice, can communicate effectively to increase total production.

Next I talk with Monica who works in the same dental practice as Denise. Monica is more of an Assistant Manager, and she tells us her experiences with working with great dentists and their team to working with horrible dentists. She also lets us know the importance of using keywords when diagnosing and talking to a patient to have the patient more inclined to accept treatment. I personally never knew how important simple but effective keywords were when diagnosing and presenting a case to the patient. Monica gives us a couple examples we should definitely use!


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