61: Samantha Leonard | The One Feature You MUST Look For When Hiring A New Employee

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It's episode 61! This episode has been brought to you buy Stream Dental Staffing Solutions, actually... this episode is with one of the founders of Stream Dental Staffing Solutions; Samantha Leonard. In this episode we stress the importance of having the right team in your practice! We all know it is important to have the right staff, but do you know what the right staff is? Is your practice full of A players or B and C players? What if your employee has all the right features EXCEPT for one maybe small, but important feature that they lack?

Listen to this episode as Samantha teaches you how to dissect and over-analyze everything when building the perfect team for your dental practice. Also she shares with us two major pieces of advice, one good for your dental practice, and the other, good for life!

Samantha has been in the Dental industry for ten years. During this time period, she has accomplished a great deal in the first decade of her career. Graduating with honors from the Dental Assisting program at SAIT, she then went on to complete her Orthodontic module shortly thereafter.

She has worked every role, worn every hat and mastered all the traits that eventually lead her to become a Practice Manager with a well respected and world-renown Orthodontist, Dr. Sam Daher. Together, they started and built a multi-million dollar practice from scratch. She is now the Operational Manager for all four Orthostyle locations.

Samantha's personal mission is to help you find your dream job' faster! She understands how vital it is to work in an environment that promotes and nourishes personal growth and development. Her managerial experience has helped her appreciate and identify the negative effect of a wrong hire and the adverse impact on team dynamic, quality of customer service, lost time and wasted money.

Let this be your new guide to finding the right person for your perfect team!


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