59: Dr. Ashley Joves | Beginning With The End In Mind

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Dr. Ashley Joves thinks of herself more as a dreamer than a practicing dentist (although her training and experience might claim otherwise). After realizing there was more to dentistry than her assistantship, Ashley decided to pursue her dream to start her own practice. Even more inspiring, Ashley is building this dentistry as you listen. Called SMILEBAR dental (now... Smile & Co.), Ashley plans to work with local wineries and breweries to create a space where patients can relax and enjoy their dental experience. Join Ashley and Michael as they discuss a range of topics, from balancing family and work to the revolutionary practice that Ashley is creating in real time!

Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [1:20] Dr. Ashley Joves graduated from dental school at NYU in 2009. She was eager to start her residency and career in Philadelphia, but she soon realized that she wanted to be more than an associate worker for somebody else.
  • [03:50] After deciding to pursue a dentistry of her own, Ashley moved around with her husband as he completed medical school. Soon he accepted a residency in California, where they live today!
  • [4:53] Michael points out, At the end of the day, there has to be something more than just drill and fill, get a paycheck, and that's it.
  • [06:24] Podcasts motivated Ashley to launch back into work and thoroughly plan her business while taking care of her boys.
  • [07:50] I just wanted a social practice,Ashley emphasizes. She wants her new practice to eliminate the fears and anxieties that surround dentistry. Being a people person and making her patients feel comfortable lies at the heart of her vision.
  • [09:15]  #NotAnAd: Ashley describes the podcasts that inspire her. She is especially driven by other female entrepreneurs in the dental world.
  • [10:12] Many people questioned whether Ashley should pursue her dream profession or stay at home with her children. She strongly believes that everybody owes it to themselves to follow their dreams!
  • [11:55] There's no rules for how you can market and advertise and create your practice's vision, Michael says.
  • [12:33] Ashley and Michael discuss the importance of genuinely caring for the health of your patients.
  • [14:30] Ashley describes how she created her business plan. A special website called Live Plan helped lead the way. It holds your hand, she promises.
  • [16:40]  Awesome Alert: Ashley is building a practice with the look and feel of a wine bar. She's passionate about her community and hopes to work with nearby small business, from wineries to breweries.
  • [20:18]  It's important to have solid systems in place. Although customization can be important, consistency is important for every practice.
  • [21:20]  Systems and protocols that manage checks and balances are especially important.
  • [22:05]  Care about your money! Managing your expenses and being a strong leader are crucial to your practice.
  • [23:09]  Time is important to Ashley. Being the owner of her business allows her to organize work around family.
  • [27:45] One of the greatest challenges in starting your own business is trying not to get overwhelmed. Time management and a solid support system can definitely help!
  • [29:21] Begin with the end in mind, Ashley says. Before you embark on a challenge, understand what you are pursuing and why you are doing it. This is where her business plan came in!
  • [32:18]  Keep following both TDM and Ashley; they plan to collaborate again in the near future.

Follow the FULL journey of Dr. Ashley Joves' dental startup (and many other start-ups we've documented) here.

3 Main Ideas

  1. Balancing family and work can be a challenge. Ashley found that running her own business has helped her organize her job around her husband and children, instead of the opposite. Being a young woman, many individuals questioned Ashley's desire to open her own practice instead of staying at home with her children. Ashley strongly believes that anybody should pursue their passion, and they owe it to their loved ones to try!
  2. Before starting a business, planning is important. Ashley is grateful that she created a business plan, which helped her organize her practice from every angle. She recommends the company Live Plan to help you put the pen to paper. Remember to approach your goal with your vision and endpoint in mind.
  3. Ashley believes that the greatest challenge for any entrepreneur is not becoming overwhelmed. She recommends placing a series of systematic plans and systems that cover every aspect of your business. A strong support system can also be of immense help.

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