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Are you struggling with high staff turnover and inefficient hiring? In this episode, I'm sitting down with Dr. Mike Neal, optometrist and founder of Build My Team, to uncover how his innovative approach to hiring can transform your practice. Dr. Neal shares the origin story of Build My Team, a company created to tackle the widespread problem of hiring based on misleading resumes. Instead, they focus on identifying candidates' natural strengths through rigorous psychometric assessments, ensuring the right fit for the job every time. This method not only improves team performance but also dramatically enhances staff retention rates.

During our conversation, Dr. Neal elaborates on the intricacies of the hiring process—rewriting job descriptions, sourcing candidates from over 20 job boards, and using advanced assessments to filter the best candidates. This comprehensive approach saves practices significant time and effort while guaranteeing that only the most competent staff are hired. The results speak for themselves: improved gross revenue, increased net income, and a more motivated team. Dr. Neal's insights extend beyond hiring new staff—he also shares strategies for assessing current employees to ensure each individual is in the role best suited to their talents. By leveraging the right technology and making swift decisions, practices can ensure long-term success and stability.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • The common pitfalls of traditional resume-based hiring.
  • How Build My Team's assessment-driven approach improves staff retention.
  • The process of sourcing and evaluating candidates from multiple job boards.
  • The impact of effective hiring on a practice's revenue and team morale.
  • Strategies for assessing and optimizing the performance of existing staff.
  • The importance of quick decision-making and leveraging technology in hiring.

Ready to revolutionize your practice's hiring process? Let's listen to what Dr. Mike Neal has to say!


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Guest: Dr. Mike Neal

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