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How can you streamline your operations while maintaining exceptional patient care? In this episode, we've brought on Priscilla White, the innovative CFO of Comfort Dental Studio in Chicago, to uncover the secrets behind their thriving office. Priscilla provides an illuminating overview of their processes and systems, emphasizing how their commitment to caring professionals translates into superior patient experiences. She elaborates on their strategic expansion to a second location in Pilsen, a move designed to meet the demands of a growing patient base and reduce waiting times, demonstrating the power of patient-focused growth.

Facing daunting challenges like high aging accounts receivable (AR) and inefficiencies at the front desk, Priscilla shares how she transformed these obstacles into opportunities. After transitioning from corporate banking to the dental industry, she introduced cutting-edge practice management software, Dentrix Ascend, and leveraged third-party partnerships with Unitas and eAssist. These innovations have not only optimized insurance billing and PPO negotiations but also allowed the practice to concentrate on patient care while ensuring profitability. Priscilla’s hands-on management style and strategic decisions, including staff realignment and enhanced communication protocols, have significantly boosted efficiency and financial health at Comfort Dental Studio.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to effectively manage expansion and new locations in a dental practice.
  • Strategies for reducing high aging accounts receivable (AR).
  • The benefits of implementing Dentrix Ascend practice management software.
  • The role of third-party services like Unitas and eAssist in enhancing practice profitability.
  • Practical tips for improving front desk operations and patient ledger management.
  • The importance of thorough communication and systematic processes in team productivity.
  • Insights on staff realignment to meet practice goals and philosophies.
  • Advice on utilizing sophisticated practice management systems tailored to dental offices.

Let's dive into Priscilla's expert insights and proven strategies today!


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Guest: Priscilla White

Practice Name: Comfort Dental Studio

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