504: Is Your Marketing Strategy Missing the Mark? Here's How to Fix It | Karen Galley

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What does it take to successfully market a practice and bring in new patients in today's world? In this compelling episode I'm sitting down with, Karen Galley, the insightful co-owner and president of Patient News and Practice ZEBRA. With over 30 years of specialized experience in dental marketing, Karen takes us on a journey through the foundational elements of successful dental marketing strategies. She sheds light on the unique offerings of Practice ZEBRA, a versatile software product that enhances marketing efforts through comprehensive services like call tracking, scoring, and detailed KPIs for marketing success. Whether you are just starting out or looking to optimize your current marketing, Karen's vast knowledge provides a robust solution tailored precisely for dental practices.

Throughout our conversation, Karen digs up the common marketing pitfalls that dental practices often encounter. Karen provides a magnifying glass into these errors, breaking them into three categories: strategic, operational, and executional. From the lack of clear differentiation in a practice's mission, to operational inefficiencies like poor call handling, each mistake is explored with an eye toward solutions and optimization. Karen’s advice doesn’t just stop at identifying problems though; she offers actionable strategies to improve your marketing approach by emphasizing consistent brand messaging, thorough market research, and effective budget allocation. This episode is an indispensable guide for dental professionals looking to enhance their marketing game.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to identify and correct strategic, operational, and executional marketing mistakes in your practice.
  • The unique features of Practice ZEBRA and how it can streamline your marketing efforts.
  • The importance of understanding your practice's unique selling proposition.
  • Advice for aligning marketing strategies with your practice’s vision and goals.
  • Tips for efficient resource and budget allocation in dental marketing.
  • How to analyze marketing attribution and channel ROI to maximize returns.
  • Insights into refreshing your online presence with modern web design and SEO practices.

Let's transform your practice's marketing efforts with, Karen Galley, today!


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Guest: Karen Galley

Business Name: Patient News

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