496: Open-Minded, Open Practice: The Pathway to Flourishing in Dentistry | Dr. LaRee Johnson

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Do you get hung up on the "right way" to do something in your practice? Well, today I'm speaking with, Dr. LaRee Johnson, as she shares her journey of establishing a thriving dental practice from scratch, and how her flexible and resilient attitude made all the difference in her career fulfillment. She uncover how her Southern California origins influenced her professional growth, leading her to create a dental wellness oasis in sunny North Carolina.

Striking a balance between work-life and home isn't as straightforward as it seems. Especially when you are a dental practitioner like LaRee, who, despite initially believing that her own practice would afford her more family time, quickly realized the reality was far different. Today we're gathering lessons from her experiences of juggling various responsibilities and managing multiple office locations. Get inspired by LaRee's commitment to quality care, the significance she places on effective communication, and the ways she prioritizes continuing education and community involvement.

What You'll Learn In This Episode:

  • How to start a dental practice from the ground up
  • Why to never say "always" and keep an open mind
  • The challenges involved in balancing work and family life
  • The importance of effective communication in the dental profession
  • How to manage multiple office locations successfully
  • The significance of continuing education and community involvement

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Dr. LaRee's journey. Tune in to this episode and discover the blueprint for establishing and managing a successful dental practice.

Guest: Dr. LaRee Johnson

Practice Name: Carolina Pediatric Dentistry

Check out LaRee's Media:

Website: https://www.carolinapedo.com/

Email: drlaree@gmail.com

Phone: 919-247-8706

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